Summer solstice party ideas, from floral crowns to food

With the summer solstice kicking off on June 21, summer is officially here. The days are long as they are, and we prepare for three months celebrationsAnd the picnicsAnd lazy days and summer foods. June 24-26 is the weekend that Sweden will celebrate in Midsommar, a traditional holiday approaching the time of the summer solstice. if I were Ari Aster fan You’re probably reasonably familiar with the concept, but if not, consider flower crowns, pops of color, delicious food, and warm weather.

In honor of the holiday, IKEA You are releasing limited edition products that you can win if you are an IKEA FAMILY (ie a member of their free loyalty programme). The hat, tote, and T-shirt from the Blomma collection are incredibly cute, but we’re more interested in the accompanying viewing guide. Read on for all the foods, flowers, and activities you need to throw your own whimsical, sunny Midsummer celebration—or any other summer party.

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The folks at IKEA told us that you can always expect great food at any festival in Midsommar. Every celebration ends with enjoying delicious food in the sun with your friends. Here are some of our favorite summer recipes for the occasion:

\u200b\u200bEasy Outdoor Trail Mix

Easy outdoor combination

Easy to prepare and delicious to eat, this healthy concoction will help you power through any summer adventures that may come your way. (AcrossBrit + Co)

\u200b\u200bArtichoke A La Mode Flatbread Pizza

Artichoke A-La-Mod Flatbread Pizza

Dough, vegan and summery, this flatbread pizza is perfect for outdoor celebrations. Fresh tomatoes and artichokes from farmers’ markets are the best for a seasonal celebration. (Across cooking hill)

\u200b\u200bPaleo pasta salad

paleo pasta salad

This “pasta” salad is a light and tasty version of a summer staple, packed with nutritious fruits and vegetables like zucchini, tomatoes, and olives. (Across Brit + Co)

Soda Lemon Mo\u1ed1i

Salted lemon soda

Midsommar may be a Swedish tradition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel around the world a little bit. This refreshing Vietnamese pickled lemonade recipe is the best warm-weather refresher. (Across Brit + Co)

Jerky watermelon

Jerky watermelon

Head to the market to buy seasonal watermelons, and head off with this hydrating, refreshing, and crowd-pleasing snack. (Across Brit + Co)

Decorate with fresh flowers

midsummer flower decor

Another way that Swedes celebrate Midsummer is by decorating with flowers. Floral tiaras aren’t just a Coachella staple… they’re actually a summertime tradition. You can also erect a Maypole, a symbol of fertility, or harvest wildflowers to honor the peak of the growing season.

Meet up with friends

midsummer picnic

No matter what you eat or do, the most important part of celebrating Midsummer is gathering with your friends and family. Spending time outside in the height of summer is normal for most of us, so if all else fails, just get out and enjoy the weather! Here are some of our favorite activities to try:

  • go for a picnic
  • ride your bike
  • Take a walk in nature
  • He drinks Cocktails Or a mocktail in the sun
  • head for the beach
  • Read a book under your favorite tree
  • picking wild flowers
  • Visit a winery or orchard to see what’s in season
  • Make something delicious using ingredients from the local farmers market

Make a little magic

midsummer friends

Midsommar might not be as scary as the movie of the same name suggests, but there is *a* healthy dose of myths behind it. IKEA insiders explained that on a midsummer night, it is customary for children to pick seven different flowers from the field and put them under their pillow before going to bed. According to tradition, they will dream about their future partner that night.

You can also participate in this cute and romantic theme for future reading. Or alternatively, bring a little mysticism into the day by doing tarot spreadAnd the Read your palmmeditate with some incense, or stare at the clouds (arguably the most beneficial form of divination of all).

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