Taapsee Pannu compares this popular street food to her lunch in a fancy restaurant

Taapsee Pannu has been on a travel trip for some time now. First, I went to Denmark and then to Cannes. Now, she is in Italy. She has been diligently taking us on virtual tours of the different places and her culinary paths. However, Taapsee seems puzzled by her latest order. From her recent Instagram stories, it appears that she is sitting in a popular restaurant in Milan. In the video, she first looked at the camera and said in Hindi that people in India prefer the pani puri offered by the vendors, otherwise it wouldn’t be fun. Then continue to compare her meal. She says that even though she is in a fancy restaurant, they offer her a special caviar lunch that she has to prepare herself.

The Taapsee then proceeds to display the preserved caviar on the table along with other delights and amenities.

Again, when making a comparison, it says that these foods (in this dish) will work just as well as the fillings used to make gol gappe. It also shows us a view of what you should put on top while making the dish.

In the end, she said she wished they had included the food preparation service fee in the bill and added that was unfair.

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Taapsee Pannu brought this dish back

About five days ago, Taapsee Pannu was in Cannes and had a great time wandering all over the place. When the tour started right away, I talked about visiting a vineyard first. Was seen sitting with a lot of people tasting different types of wine. Starting with rose, she drank some white wine and finished her experiment with red wine. Next, I enjoyed a simple meal that included a thick loaf of bread with a side of cream and black coffee.

Before that, Taapsee Pannu was in Denmark. Not only did you see the place but also tried a variety of local dishes during her stay. One day, she gave us a view of her morning indulgence and it was all healthy and delicious. The actress shared a photo of a cup of fennel tea. With it, we can also discover a bowl full of almonds. Not only that, but she also dropped a picture of herself smiling away for the camera holding a rhubarb stalk in one hand.

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