Whiskey pickles are snacks for adults only

Dunking foods with alcohol creates a festive, adult version of many dishes that can be great for parties. You can use fruits, as in this recipe for drunken maraschino cherries, or add alcohol for a treat like marshmallows and even gummy bears. But people are going for another alcoholic food trend right now: pickled whiskey.

Yes, it is really something.

Pickles and pickle-inspired foods have always had a huge following. As someone who loves a good pickle, I understand why there are so many pickle-flavored foods on the market. Pickles are salty, crunchy, and soaked in whiskey. For pickle lovers, what’s not to love?


It’s easy to make these fermented whiskey pickles from Delish anytime using a jar of store-bought spears. You’ll need a whiskey bottle to go with it, and that’s it. (Simple enough, right?) Dill seems to be the preferred type but you can try bread and butter, sweet or kosher. According to Justin Sullivan of Delish, adding whiskey helps “calm pickles.”

Here’s a TikTok video from Delish demonstrating Sullivan’s simple method and reviewing his whiskey pickles:

delish love our vermouth pickles, hbu? original sound

Of course, given the internet for what it is, there are actually different variations of the trend, such as adding different types of alcohol like vodka or tequila. This is not surprising, because flavored whiskey is also popular lately and can add an interesting note to any pickle attempt.

Preparing pickles with something spicy in addition to alcohol is another way. Add a few drops of hot sauce or top with serrano or jalapeno peppers for an extra kick. Just be sure to pull out any peppers the next day or else the spicy pickle might shoot you through the roof!

Big jar of pickles

what do you think? Do whiskey pickles “Yes!” Or a difficult pass for you? A word of caution: If you’re a parent making these at home, be sure to label the jar with a “hands free” note so that no one under 21 accidentally gets to be wolves!

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