Bagatelle Mykonos: The best Mediterranean food from the French Riviera on the Greek island as the season opens

The Greek island of Mykonos, also known as the “Island of the Winds”, is an iconic Mediterranean destination blessed with 300 sunny days a year, and is a charming hangout frequented by airline passengers and party-goers. The island’s population of just over 15,000 swells to over 50,000 in the tourist season, attracting the most sophisticated crowd with an Epicurean flair for the island’s abundance – the pristine Aegean waters, the island’s forty beaches, secluded coves, and many other attractions. Unmatched, the best Mediterranean dining and party experience.

As the island opens for the new summer season, patrons of Mykonos are gearing up for the finest in the island’s hospitality scene. Bagatelle, the international restaurant group founded and owned by French entrepreneurs and restaurateurs Remy Lapa and Emeric Clemente, has chosen Mykonos for its next Bagatelle location. The new restaurant, located near the famous and picturesque windmills of Mykonos, is the latest addition to the group’s 15 restaurants around the world. Since opening its first restaurant in New York City in 2008, Bagatelle has expanded its elite culinary presence to include popular travel destinations such as Tulum, Los Cabos, Miami, Saint Tropez, Courchevel, Dubai, Bahrain, Bodrum and now Mykonos. All 15 Bagatelle restaurants are united by the brand philosophy of “Bagatelle is dedicated to epicurean customers who are looking for the pleasures of life: eat good food, drink good wine, pop champagne, and have the best time while doing it,” explains Constance CMO of Bagatelle Neckfair.

The unique environment of Mykonos suits one to indulge in the unparalleled culinary and party atmosphere that Bagatelle is known for. Embodying the famous French “joie de vivre” and blending it with the cultural features and subtleties of the local Greek islands, the Bagatelle group has once again established on the shores of the crystalline Aegean Sea a cosmopolitan and culturally unique place that stands out from many other restaurants representing different cuisines and styles.

Under the guidance of Group General Chef Rocco Cimenera, Executive Chef Joseph Kahat accomplishes culinary feats honoring healthy and delicious French Mediterranean cuisine while blending it with local notes. Seabream ceviche, octopus and marinated olives, sea bass, and the famous tuna bagatelle tartare, or burrata bugles with local tomatoes, and for the most discerning palates, with extra caviar, there are a few dishes on the menu. The extensive bar menu with the most famous and signature cocktail list and the champagne bar will be great company for a wonderful sunset in the Aegean Sea.

Apart from a great culinary journey, Bagatelle Mykonos offers a rare immersive experience. For example, after freshly cooked fish or meat is cut in front of the customers, the restaurant staff can join in the lively activities, celebrate with the guests and even jump on the tables with no doubt that the experience will be remembered forever! What could better prove the “joy of life”?

A strict color code is observed in Mykonos where doors and windows are painted blue, green or red, a relic of an ancient tradition when sailors painted their doors blue, farmers used green, and the rest of the islanders used red paint. All the houses are painted white as the white color helps to cool the houses during the hot summer months. Bagatelle Mykonos blends the elegance of the French Riviera with a traditional island palette making the entire outdoor restaurant the most beautiful in town.

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