Best gluten free and dairy free brownie recipe

I’ll take chocolate in whatever form I can get my hands on, but there’s no such thing as a fudge, warm, melt-in-your-mouth fudge chocolate cake. I’m a firm believer that brownies should be enjoyed by everyone, and we’ve finally come up with a gluten-free and dairy-free brownie recipe that’s just as delicious as the real thing. While these rich, sticky treats are delicious any time of year, my cravings for chocolate cake always pop up at the start of summer.

Growing up in Texas, the long days at the lake always ended around a table with good food and of course dessert. One whiff of gluten-free brownies comes out of the oven and I’m back at 12, lightly sunburned, freckles popping, hair still wet from the water. The picture is crystal clear: I’m eating a warm, rich brownie at the end of a delicious meal. Is there anything better?

With just a few swaps, these brownies are easy to make and are gluten- and dairy-free. Just be sure to let it cool before diving into the pan, because once you’ve got one bite to go, there’s no turning back!

What can I use to replace flour and eggs in brownies?

Now that we’ve entered the golden age of gluten-free baking, we have endless options when it comes to flour alternatives. After testing a gluten-free chocolate brownie recipe, I settled on a combination of oatmeal and almond flour for the perfect brownie that’s moist in texture and rich in flavour. To make this recipe vegan, a mixture of ground flaxseeds and water works as an ideal egg substitute. They hold these brownies together beautifully, and for the non-starter egg whites, flax eggs can be a great substitute for eggs in all types of baking! (Plus, they get bonus points for adding healthy fiber to your baked goods.)

help! Gluten-free brownies always turn crumbly.

I’ll admit that the biggest challenge in developing a gluten-free chocolate cake recipe is figuring out how to make the brownies stick together. I made batches of brownies off the charts It tastes good, but it crumbles with every bite. predicament? Use less flour and add another key ingredient: almond butter. Flax eggs and almond butter work together as binding agents in this recipe, and the combination of oatmeal and almonds helps balance the texture of these brownies, too.

Tips for making this gluten-free and dairy-free chocolate cake recipe:

These brownies are rich in fudge and easy to prepare with just a few ingredients and one bowl. Here are my tips for making the best gluten-free brownie recipe ever:

  • Replace cane sugar with coconut sugar. This is key if you want to make this recipe refined sugar free. I used coconut sugar and it’s absolutely delicious.
  • be patient! Let the brownies cool for at least 30 minutes before removing them from the pan or slicing them. I know it’s hard, but you can do it!
  • Powdered sugar is the real best product. If you happen to be diving in too fast (like I did!) there is nothing like icing or powdered sugar to cover up your mistakes.
  • Sprinkle with chocolate chips before baking. Keep some chocolate chips and sprinkle them over the mixture before you put them in the oven. You’ll get that sticky, melting look when you’re cutting the brownies.
  • The flaked salt adds great flavour. Sprinkle a little on the brownies before baking to enhance the flavour.
  • Keep it thick. In this recipe, an 8×8 skillet is ideal.

I hope you enjoy these brownies as much as we do—and if you have a favorite gluten-free and dairy-free dessert, watch out! Share in the comments below.

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