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Parsippany, NJ. – B&G Foods, Inc. Restructuring into four business units – Spices, Seasonings, Meals, Frozen, Vegetables and Specialties. The company said the reorganization will take effect on August 1.

The specialty business unit will be the largest, accounting for 33% of the company’s fiscal 2021 sales of $2.06 billion. Elaine Shum, currently Chief Customer Officer, will move to Head of Specialization. Brands to be managed in this group include Crisco, Clabber Girl, Back to Nature, Bear Creek, Polaner, Underwood, B&G, Grandma’s, New York Style, B&M, TrueNorth, Don Pepino, Sclafani, Baker’s Joy, Regina, Emeril’s, SugarTwin and Brer Rabbit.

Frozen and Vegetables, which makes up 27% of B&G Foods sales, will include frozen Green Giant businesses, Green Giant on fixed shelves, and Le Sueur. Kristen Thompson, currently the Marketing Director of Green Giant, has been promoted to President of Frozen and Vegetables.

A search is underway for an executive to lead the Meals business unit, which makes up 18% of sales. Brands included in the unit include Ortega, Maple Grove Farms, Cream of Wheat, Victoria, Las Palmas, Mama Mary’s, Spring Tree, McCann’s, Carey’s and Vermont Maid.

Jordan Greenberg, current Commercial Director, will move to Head of Seasoning and Seasoning. Businesses will include Dash, Weber, Spice Islands, Tone’s, Ac’cent, Trappey’s, Durkee and Wright brands, and make up about 18% of B&G Foods sales.

“We are reorganizing our company into four business units – and establishing a clear focus and expectations within the B&G Foods portfolio,” said Casey Keeler, President and CEO. These modules will define the categories and brands we will provide and grow, the platforms for future acquisitions, which brands will work for efficiency and cash flow, and which companies we may leave over time.

“The business unit structure will also drive cross-functional accountability and responsibility into closely managed parts of B&G Foods’ complex portfolio – improving the speed and clarity of decision making for growth and financial performance.”

Other employee moves that the company has to make include:

  • Gary Benedict, current Vice President of Revenue Growth Management, will be promoted to Senior Vice President of Business Operations;
  • Rick Drummond, current Vice President of Quality Assurance and Research and Development, will be promoted to Senior Vice President of Quality Assurance and Research and Development;
  • Tessie Gallagher, currently Vice President of Sales, will be promoted to Senior Vice President of Field Sales;
  • and Marty Schoch, current Vice President of Procurement, will be promoted to Senior Vice President of Supply Chain.

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