Close the gourmet dumpling house in Boston’s Chinatown

Gourmet Dumpling House, a mainstay in Chinatown for dumplings and more, closes after 15 years; The last day will be June 30, according to a business update posted on Google, which cites “rental term” as the reason for the closure.

The work wrote: “Thank you to all who have supported Gourmet Dumpling House over the years.” “We are so proud of everything we have accomplished in these glorious years and most grateful to those who believed in us. We get so emotional when we see so many touching comments online, you are all our families! We will miss you all!”

Gourmet Dumplings House is best known for its namesake dumplings – especially “juicy little dumplings” (soup dumplings), but Sandong-style fried dumplings are also popular. And dishes without hard dumplings, too, like borage and tripe with chile sauce, chilled spicy pig ears, and other offal.

Dumpling soup at Gourmet dumpling house.
WordRidden/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Opened by owner Ed Chen in 2007, the restaurant has hosted a long line of enthusiastic diners over the years, and is a regular entry on “best” lists locally and abroad. Boston chefs sang the praises: Jimmy Bissonnette of Toro, Cuba, and more made cold tripe salad, pork, and leek dumplings a shout-out in a 2014 interview with Eater; Chris Combs of Boston Chops, Deuxave, and Dbar said in 2015 that he “has eaten the most mind-blowing meal out of the [his] Life “is there.” “I think the artistic execution of Chinese cuisine… I think they really understand the intricacies and depth of flavors.” Celebrities also stopped by, including actress Jennifer Lawrence, who reportedly snacked on dumplings and more while in town for the filming of the movie. cheerful in 2015.

Fortunately, Dumpling House, which opened in Cambridge in 2014, will remain open, boasting a similar menu, including a variety of excellent dumplings. And while the closure of the Gourmet Dumpling House will certainly leave a hole in Chinatown, the neighborhood is thankfully home to quite a few other coveted dumplings, with some of the city’s best soup dumplings found in places like Taiwan Cafe and Dumpling Cafe.

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