Cockroaches and rodents in Miami Florida restaurants

The sick and shutdown list returns from a tech-enforced hiatus and this week we have something new and unique added to the list of violations: rice in a bucket that once contained pool sanitizer (not food grade storage). This did not happen in the same place where two flies were in the panko.

So let’s get to the list of restaurants in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Palm Beach-Florida Keys area that didn’t have their things up to snuff when the inspectors arrived.

The rules of this game: The following comes from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s restaurant inspections in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe counties. A restaurant that fails the examination remains closed until the examination is passed.

If you see a problem and want to inspect the place, contact DBPR. We do not control who is inspected nor how carefully the inspector performs.

We do not include all violations, only the most impactful, whether internal or animate (because they are alive or were once alive). Some irregularities are corrected after the inspector points them out. But you have to ask why there are violations in the first place? How long would they have been without the inspection?

In alphabetical order…

Dlc Caribbean Restaurant, 2441 10th Ave. N, Lake Worth: Routine inspections, 26 violations, eight violations of the highest priority.

Too many cockroaches and little hot water put this place last on the sick list and shutdown 10 months ago. This time, there is no shortage of hot water. However, much of it ended up on Earth.

“The area(s) of the Earth are covered with standing water.”

With no soap in the women’s restroom handwashing sink, no way to dry hands in the kitchen sink and hand washing in the front service area, making the front service area and entrance to the women’s restroom “no handshake, no five high, no grip area.”

Better just give a nod of solidarity.

Some places have yellow rice, some places have brown rice, and some places have white rice. But how many places are there Speedo rice?

“Food stored in a container that previously contained a toxin…rice stored in a bucket that previously contained swimming pool disinfectant.” The inspector dropped a sell stop order on it.

Cutting boards and inside the microwave had a “black substance/grease/food residue build-up”, which was better than inside coolers and ovens being “contaminated by dead cockroaches”.

Cooking oven with six of those dead cockroaches. It also contained nine live crickets and a (thankfully) unused cooler contained 19, the largest concentrations of the 56 crickets that the inspector calculated. Eight of them were injured by a crack in the wall.

Accessible coolers worked better as cockroach slicers than food coolers, seeing how chicken, turkey, cabbage, and bananas in coolers were warm more than 10 degrees. Stop sales everywhere.

When the inspector came back for a recheck Friday, the inspector saw live cockroaches on the wall of the mop sink, in an accessible cooler gasket and in an unused cooler. The manager killed the cockroaches and removed the coolant from the restaurant, but the inspector still deposited it.

DLC passed a re-inspection on Saturday.

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Hawk Fish and Chicken, 5701 N. Australian Ave. West Palm Beach: Examination of complaints, total of 17 violations, eight violations of the highest priority.

You might say that the inspector didn’t want to count the insects by quoting, “There were dead bugs and other pests all over the dining room and kitchen,” but this inspector opened the dead cockroach section with “noting nearly 69 dead” before doing the placement detail.

Five of the bodies were at the car window. Three were in a slushee dispenser. Two were in the dining room. Ten live cockroaches infested in the joint.

The front soda cooler has five dead flies inside.

“Food stored in a place exposed to splashes/dust. Black bean container and raw chicken containers stored under a leaky tube in the cooler. Water accumulated on top of the containers.”

The cabbage in the display’s cold storage box was not kept cold enough to prevent it from becoming receptacles of bacteria and has been discontinued. projectile.

This place passed a re-inspection on June 14th.

Hurricane Hole, 5130 Overseas Highway, Key West: Routine inspections, 21 total violations, and seven high priority violations.

Ah, yes, the snow machine. “A black/green mold-like substance accumulated inside the ice maker/ice box…”

“Flooring areas covered in standing water” in the prep area, front table area, and dishwasher area.

But this is really about stopping the sale of sugar with a live cockroach inside; Cut an onion with a live fly on top of it; panko container with two live flies; And the ice used in drinks that contained beer bottles.

The hole passed a re-inspection on Friday.

Patio Bar & Grille, 2096 NE Second St., Deerfield Beach: Complaint screening, 10 total violations, seven high priority violations.

The front bar area holds 35 rodent litter under the ice box, at the service station and behind the bar’s dishwasher.

There was a dead fly on the edge of the icebox. Maybe set off with the “pest control device” over an icebox, clean dishes, or a counter.

Food handlers seemed vague on everything washing hands and gloves. In Kouklin; The employee switched from handling raw fish to handling ready-to-eat food/clean dishes without washing hands” and “the employee used his bare hand to touch and cut leafy greens.” “

Five flies flew at the falling water line at the service station under the sink. 10 other flies did the same around the snow bank.

When the inspector finished counting rodent flies and flies, Stop Sales flew in, beating cooked shrimp and a homemade Caesar salad in an accessible drawer and cooler.

The yard was reopened after a re-inspection on the same day.

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