Fayetteville hookah hall owner charged with alcohol enforcement

The owner of a Fayetteville hookah lounge denied allegations on Tuesday that he lied to homicide detectives who conducted an investigation into a deadly shooting in his hall last month, and that he used an unlicensed armed security guard — allegations that are the basis of charges brought against him by the Beverage Control Law Enforcement Agency. state alcoholic.

Marwan Al Janabi, 34, of Fayetteville, owner of the Airborne Hookah Lounge on Raeford Road, was also charged with allowing illegal work to occur on licensed buildings and failing to supervise the works on May 30 — the day the dispute led to a shooting death, according to a statement. Issued by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety on behalf of the Alcohol Law Enforcement Agency.

ALE said the shooting resulted from a dispute between three employees of the lounge. The Fayetteville Police Department said Tuesday that the three were a hall security guard, a promoter and a third person who had a falling out with the promoter. Shooting broke out near the club’s back entrance during the dispute, and three people were injured.

According to police, officers found a woman at the scene with serious injuries, another person was found with a gunshot wound in a car on Rayford Road and a third person, Antoine Maurice Hoskins, 22, was driven by private car to Cape. Fair Valley Medical Center. Hoskins was pronounced dead in hospital.

Al-Janabi, who was contacted for comment on Tuesday, said the allegations against him are false.

“Airborne Hookah Lounge has never employed any armed security guards. We are a smoking lounge and have never needed anything.”

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He explained that on the night of the shooting, a guard was tasked with monitoring the entrance to the hall leading from the smoking side to the dance floor.

“His only job was to make sure the drinks didn’t make it to the dance floor,” Al-Jabbani said.

He said the lounge closed at 2 am and later he noticed a crowd of people in the parking lot, so he called the police to ask them to disperse it.

“The call I made was at 2:13 a.m., and the shooting happened at 2:17 a.m.,” al-Jabbani said.

He said he provided a police statement and video footage from his security camera.

“I have never, at any time, given any false information about what happened that night,” he said.

ALE’s statement said Janabi was arrested on June 9 on all three charges.

In addition, the statement noted that the North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission denied the Airborne Hookah Lounge’s application for a temporary license to serve malt and mixed drinks, according to the statement.

Police Sergeant. Jeremy Glass said the investigation into the shooting is ongoing and no charges have been brought in the case.

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