Highlighting regional cuisine as city restaurants revisit their menus

From Karimnagar Wings Fry to Palakollu Kodi Pulao, regional cuisine shines in Hyderabad’s restaurants

From Karimnagar Wings Fry to Palakollu Kodi Pulao, regional cuisine shines in Hyderabad’s restaurants

Don’t ask for wings only. Ask about Karimnagar wings fried. And instead of the regular chicken malai tikka, go for Gandikota Chicken Tikka. Restaurants in Hyderabad, especially those with specialty thali menus, are innovative, driven by two years of the pandemic and several closures.

Many restaurants have reconsidered their menus, taking the time to research regional cuisine and using new recipes to change their location. As a result, a large number of relatively unknown dishes from the Telangana and Andhra regions are in the spotlight. “Restaurant chefs are constantly wanting to introduce new dishes. With a marked increase in the demand for local flavors, it is always exciting to introduce new dishes to discover, name and taste,” says Abdul Karim of Anna Native Restaurant, which serves regional cuisine through a recent presentation.

Regional focus

While refreshing nelor chepala pulusuKebabs and Hyderabad biryani have always been a favourite, now they are facing stiff competition from dishes called Golconda kodi (Chicken) Grilled, Telangana porePulsu (fresh beef curry), fried cornol wings, kakinada chicken, balakolo Cody BulawHey Gadwal Cody Bulaw and Bheemavaram Cody Bulaw. The difference in seasoning and cooking method is that they find many recipients.

The increasingly popular Ankapur chicken curry is a wood-fired spicy chicken broth made with generous amounts of hand-crushed dry red chilies and robust garam masala. Made with country chicken, this fiery dish is named after the village of Ankapur in the Nizamabad district of Telangana. On weekends, hotels in Ankapur that serve this chicken curry have a waiting time of 30 minutes. In the city, there are only a few restaurants on their menu.

Ravi Teja oversees the preparation of the biryani | Image source: special arrangement

what’s in a name?

Ravi Raju of Vivaha Bhojanambu, a Telugu thali specialty restaurant explains how the flavors within Andhra and Telangana vary from region to region, depending on spice levels, masala And even the dish in which it is usually prepared. For example, we offer Bhimavaram Kodi Vibudu, who is A dry appetizer made with lots of spices. It is reported that this fried chicken dish is different from the usual Cody Vibodo Curry is straight from the ingredients used to the way it is prepared.”

in contrast, Karimnagar Fried Chicken Wings And the Cornwall Fried Wings It is a hot appetizer over a high heat. They both draw inspiration from the food carts in their area. Ravi says, “The kebabs seem to have exceeded their demand. So getting something new was a priority. The chef and his team come from different parts of Telangana. We also traveled to different places to try these dishes before putting them on the menu.”

He adds that some names like Ongole Chicken Fry (inspired by flavors in Ongole, AP) are used just to raise the level of curiosity. Chennur biryani, Kakinada Reddy palav and Nellore Riyaz palav are served in their respective regions. “These come from the specialty restaurants in Pulau; some are made in a purifying way and some are combined Bagara rice With flavored meat that is put on the dom.”

redy hot

Reddy Balaf | Image source: special arrangement

Rajesh Dev, General Manager of Quality Inn in Lakdikapul says, “Dishes from Nalgonda and Mahabubnagar in Telangana are featured on new menus. Mahabubnagar food is very hot and not easy for first timers. Imagine using a dish that uses 1/4 or more chili powder and garam Masala as a main ingredient, but restaurants serve it because some diners enjoy the levels of spice that bring tears to their eyes, he says, adding with a smile, “Dishes like this can be used for any food-related challenge! ”

Pulao in the fore

In Hyderabad, Dum Biryani will never go out of demand. However, in recent times, there seems to be an increasing number of pulaos from Godavari belt in Andhra Pradesh, especially from Bhimavaram and Rajahmonders. Streetbyte (1.05 million followers) YouTuber Ravi Teja who only shoots videos of different regional foods from Telangana and AP says, kodi (chicken) hot They differ in the spices used in its preparation; Therefore, their taste and appearance (color) differ. Sati Babu Biryani at Kukatpally specializes in all types of Andhra Balafs (Not made in Dom style). The Fry joint piece in thousands (Palaf is a piece of fried chicken coated with masala) A favorite among non-vegetarians.”

Flavors from Telangana Kitchen and AP

Flavors from Telangana Cuisine and AP Image source: Sanjay Pura

A discovery of some kind

Author and Telangana food expert Jyothi Valaboju feels there is more to be considered; Telugu cuisine has not been fully explored even within the states and has not been discovered by other countries. It claims that the wide range of preparation methods (domestic, open digshi cooking) and utensils (eg digshi, clay pot, manual) used to prepare it make it one of the most unique cuisines. Jyothi adds, “Telangana cuisine itself has not been explored by restaurants and chefs in Hyderabad. The flavor profiles of foods from different regions such as Karimnagar and Nalgonda will be successful.”

As a result, she said, a lot of chefs are looking to use local chili peppers, homemade seasoning powders, and use blends that don’t contain cornmeal.

Is this distracting from Hyderabadi Dom Biryani, Pathhar Ka Josht And the double ka dead? Either way, the more fun it is.

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