How MrBeast and his favorite restaurant Hot Dog reinforce each other

  • YouTuber MrBeast is known as Jimmy Donaldson in Greenville, North Carolina, where he grew up and still lives.
  • He’s been going to Sup Dogs, a local hot dog restaurant, long before he became famous on the internet.
  • Donaldson has boosted sales of Sup Dogs, and the owner is now giving him special permissions to shoot.

When YouTube mogul MrBeast is a regular in your business, he gives you a lot of free promotion.

Sup Dogs, the Greenville, North Carolina, hot dog restaurant where the YouTuber lives, has seen a steady rise in revenue over the past five years as MrBeast has also grown his online persona.

MrBeast, known as Jimmy Donaldson to the locals who grew up with him, has been eating regularly at Sup Dogs since he was a teenager. The owner, 40-year-old Brett Oliverio, has developed a friendly relationship with him over the years – one that benefits both of their brands.

Oliverio told Insider that since Donaldson became so popular, Sup Dogs has seen a 25% increase in sales. While the rise cannot be fully attributed to Donaldson, the promotion he gave was valuable. For example, in 2017, after a YouTuber posted a picture of himself in front of his restaurant, his Instagram account gained 6,000 new followers within seconds, Oliverio said.

When Donaldson comes to dinner, news spreads across town quickly, and a flood of fans immediately shows up.

“If these 200 people spend $20… that’s $4,000,” said Oliverio. Oliverio is grateful for Donaldson’s care, hype and money trail that follows. In return, Oliverio granted special permissions to the YouTuber in the restaurant.

“Whatever you want to do in our restaurant, anytime, I don’t care how weird, how crazy, if you need to close us, or I don’t care how busy we are, 24 hours a day you have full access to our restaurant any way you want Film it,” Oliverio recalls telling YouTubers.

Oliverio shut down parts of Sup Dogs to eat Donaldson and his friends without interrupting fans. And on a few occasions, Donaldson has appeared to shoot his YouTube videos — including one that made headlines three years ago when he presented a waitress from Sup Dogs worth $10,000.

Read more in the full Insider feature about MrBeast’s impact on Greenville, the city he grew up in and built has business.

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