Louis Vuitton opens a new restaurant in France – all you need to know

The restaurant industry has undergone a major transformation in the post-pandemic era. While some of our favorite restaurants have unfortunately closed their doors, we have also seen many new restaurants open. People want to make every meal luxurious, because eating out should be an experience. Consequently, fine dining restaurants are experiencing unprecedented growth. However, one of the new fancy restaurants has caught the foodie by surprise. Luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton has recently entered the food and beverage business. They opened their first restaurant last week, and shared photos of the new space that opened in Saint-Tropez, France.

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Louis Vuitton made this announcement on Twitter on June 18, receiving a lot of intrigue and appreciation from users. This is the company’s first independent restaurant in the French city and has appeared in several shows, including “Emilie in Paris”. The fashion house earlier opened a coffee shop in Osaka, according to a report by Vogue. “The new restaurant brings to the symbols of the house an open space that reflects the Mediterranean,” the brand wrote on Twitter.

As for the cuisine in the new Louis Vuitton restaurant, it is said to be a “global escape.” Michelin-starred chef Mory Sacko runs the kitchen, serving modern cuisine with Japanese and African influences with the culinary techniques of French gastronomy. The menu can also be found at the new Louis Vuitton restaurant online. Dishes like Eggplant Veggie Tacos, Chirashi and Fillet, Spiny Mediterranean Lobster, Shakshouka and Taiyaki can be seen on their menu. Reservations for lunch and dinner can be made online from their official website.

Twitter users also reacted to news of the new Louis Vuitton restaurant. take a look:

We will definitely be adding the new Louis Vuitton restaurant to our travel bucket list. what about you?

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