New Eggrolls and Tacos ‘EAT’ is coming to Locust Point

Local hospitality veterans Doug Campbell, Michael Leeds and Spike Owen open EAT at the former In Like Flynn Tavern at 1371 Andre St. at Locust Point. EAT is an acronym for “eggrolls and tacos.”

Campbell and Leeds are co-owners of the Pizza and Whiskey Bar Barfley’s in Riverside. Leeds has been in the hospitality business for 30 years. During this time, he started and sold the Sean Pollan Pub, which had a location on Federal Hill and is still open in Bel Air, and opened Barfly’s in 2011. Campbell, who will retire from teaching in January, has worked at Barfly’s for the past 10 years and has become a partner in Last few years. Owen was one of the founders of Key Brewing and Austin Grill and worked in the hospitality industry for many years.

Leeds told that EAT will have a Mexican/Asian menu in a “cantina-style” setting. While the team will be working on improving the concept and menu over the next few months, Leeds said there will likely be steak, chicken, pork, shrimp and taco wraps, as well as various proteins available as weekly specials.

The menu will also contain sushi, appetizers and two appetizers. For dessert, EAT offers ice cream and light sundaes.

The EAT will have a window open to the ramp entrance at E. Clement St. So that customers can receive ready-made orders and ice cream. Leeds notes that this would be an easy way for people with dogs or strollers to grab their food without having to walk into the bar.

The bar menu will include a large selection of tequila, margaritas and frozen cocktails. Mexican, Asian and local beer; And some Japanese whiskey.

Leeds said it won’t be a sports bar, but there will be several TVs and a projector that will play Orioles, Ravens and other sports. He also indicated that it will be a bar for the Premier League and will open as soon as possible for the Saturday and Sunday morning matches.

Leeds said he’s had the idea of ​​eating food in his head for years. Owen is a friend of the owner of the building at 1371 Andre St. And he approached Leeds and Campbell to see if they’d like to open something together. Leeds said the trio have been friends for more than 10 years.

Leeds, who lives in Riverside, said he loves the location of EAT in Locust Point and the number of new homes that surround it. He said it’s not the best location for foot traffic, but he hopes it will be popular with neighbors and gain popularity through word of mouth.

The EAT team hopes to open the restaurant in early September, although Leeds has noted a number of construction delays that have occurred in recent months.

With the renovation currently underway, Leeds said they are redesigning the bar, making some cosmetic changes, putting in transom windows, and adding markings to the exterior. He noted that the building looked “beautiful” and they would maintain the existing color scheme from the outside.

EAT will likely be open for lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will serve dinner every night. Leeds said the kitchen will likely close at 10pm, but may remain open until midnight on Friday and Saturday. The team will consider additional lunch hours in the future.

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