New social area in downtown Albemarle to allow alcoholic drinks on sidewalks and public spaces

Albemar, NC – People will soon be able to enjoy their favorite alcoholic beverage while strolling the streets of downtown Albemarle thanks to the implementation of a new social district.

Albemarle City Council recently approved the creation of a community area in downtown Albemarle that would allow people visiting businesses, which are permitted by the North Carolina ABC Committee, to drink an alcoholic beverage they purchased in public areas within the social area.

Before the new social district can be implemented, officials say the state’s ABC committee will need to approve the city’s social district registration.

Upon implementation, officials say Albemarle’s downtown social district will cover the area from Five Points to the east to Market Station to the west with North Street to North and South Street to the south as boundaries.

The Social Quarter will be in effect from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

“Albemarle city center has great views of the natural beauty that surrounds our city. Social The district will add more liveliness to the city center and allow everyone to enjoy our outdoor spaces said Joy Almond, manager of Albemarle Main Street.

Officials say businesses without an ABC pass in the social district may allow visitors to bring alcoholic beverages inside their locations.

Any business looking to participate in the new social area will have to register and complete the orientation process, according to a press release.

Officials say that businesses located within the social district are not obligated to participate in the programme.

The social district will enhance retail shopping in Albemarle city centre. We heard Pretty much from our local business community sees this as a valuable addition to said Joy Almond, principal of Main Street in Albemarle.

City employees expect to implement the downtown Albemarle Social District in August of 2022.

Officials say social zone rules can be found here.

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