Russia asks Norway to guarantee food supplies to Spitsbergen | News

The Russian Consul General in Spitsbergen, Sergey Goshin, said that the Russian embassy in Norway had asked the country’s authorities to ensure the entry of goods to the island of Spitsbergen, where there are some Russian settlements.

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“We raised the issue with the Governor of Spitsbergen. At a meeting on May 18, the senior managers of Arktikugol sent him a letter on May 25, demanding the lifting of the ban on transit of Russian goods,” the Russian delegate said. Russian 24 TV channel.

He continued, “In addition, the Russian embassy sent a note to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting an exception. It is currently under study at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We hope to get a positive response for the humanitarian purpose of ensuring stability in Russian settlements.”

Since last April 30, two shipping containers have been stuck at the Russian-Norwegian border, the official said. The containers include seven tons of food, as well as equipment for ships and cars. “All this is necessary to ensure the Russian presence in Spitsbergen, especially in light of the preparations for the winter season,” the consul added.

The Russian Embassy in Oslo sent a letter to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a request for the release of goods from the transit ban on Russian settlements in Svalbard. – Russia 24 – Consul Sergey Goshin.

Goshin noted that the Russian population does not face any food crisis, despite the low availability of food, since Arktikugol supplies goods to the island from European countries.

But the Russian consul commented on his hopes for a positive response to ensure the stability of Russian settlements.

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