The plumber’s horror clip shows why coffee isn’t put in the sink

A plumber shared a video warning people not to put used coffee down the drain.

Josh from New Zealand runs a TikTok HoleInPlumb account where he shares content from his posts. A plumbing and gas installation specialist for commercial buildings and homes, he shares everything from leaky toilets to clogged pipes.

On Friday, he posted a video that attracted widespread attention and has now garnered more than two million views – a closed kitchen waste pipe.

clogged tubes

In the video, he shares how the tube filled with used coffee beans is blocked, slowly pushing the pressed coffee out of the tube.

After working in plumbing and gas installations for nine years, Josh shared the eye-opening video to show others what can happen when things that shouldn’t go down the drain are put down.

Josh said NEWSWEEK: “From my understanding, ground coffee does not dissolve in water. As you can see in the video, they stick together and can cause a blockage.”

Screenshots of a viral video that a New Zealand plumber shared to tell viewers what happens when ground coffee is put into the sink. The video has been viewed millions of times and shocked TikTok users.
HoleInPlumb / TikTok

The sink in the video was inside a commercial building where several employees were sharing the same sink, but the effects over time are the same as when putting used coffee directly into the sink at home.

Especially when combined with other nutrients down the drain, the coffee beans will settle and harden, clogging plumbing and requiring expensive repair.

What should I do with the use of ground coffee?

Fortunately, there are plenty of much better options for what to do with used coffee beans. Aside from placing them in public waste where they will be buried or incinerated, there are more environmentally friendly options.

Coffee can be composted. Thanks to their nitrogen content, they can help break down organic matter into mulch, and over time produce a nutrient-rich fertilizer that you can use in your garden.

They can also be used to absorb strong odors around your home. Very absorbent, placing a pot of used and dried ground coffee in the refrigerator can help preserve the smells of any unwanted food.

Many gardeners also use their used coffee grounds as a chemical-free way to deter pests. The texture of the floor used is known to prevent slugs and snails from getting into the flowerbeds they love so much. While cats are not fond of strong smells, spraying them around your outdoor space can keep unwanted visitors out.

educate others

“Oh my gosh, I always put myself in the tub,” said one shocked viewer of the video on TikTok. Meanwhile, another commentator joked, “Maybe that’s why the rats in the sewage system are wired.”

“I do it for the owner to fix it,” another commenter joked. While another agreed and wrote: “Pay attention to yourself so that things calm down [the] Sinking to sink into the property of the owner of the property.”

Josh said, “My original intention was to show my colleagues in a workshop. I thought it was quite unusual how he unblocked himself because you don’t usually see it appear like that. Someone in the workshop joked that he could make a good TikTok video So I downloaded it.”

“It was really cool to see how many people commented saying it ended up being totally educational for them, it might open some people’s eyes to the potential dangers of getting rid of some stuff in the sink,” he said.

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