30 Best Peach Recipes for Summer

Sure, you can likely find peaches in the grocery store year-round. But it probably isn’t very good – it lacks flavour, is likely to be low in fat, and certainly not juicy. Get sweet Georgia peaches when they are in season during June and your life will change for the better, bite. (Even if you don’t live in the South, you’ll probably be able to find some goodies during the summer.) These recipes—all 30 of them—make the most of the jewels of summer in cake, cobbler, ice cream, and some refreshing drinks (some drunk, some not) to wash it all down. what are you waiting for? Life is a peach!

1. Rene Erickson Peach Cobbler With Hot Sugar Crust

Instead of adding crackers or brown sugar to mushy peaches, coat the fruit with moist cake mix. I’m not complaining, right?

2. Simple Summer Cake with Peach

Summer recipes should be low-effort, quick to prepare, and highlight some of the season’s best produce. This uncomfortable cake filled with juicy stone fruits definitely fits the bill.

3. Peach Tart

This peach-filled tart is so good that we once wrote an entire article about her biggest fan (Rob looking at you!). Amanda’s recipe has evolved somewhat over the years, thanks to the almond filling, crumbly rind, and juicy peaches.

4. Peach Cobbler Cake

This cake is a serious summer show. It’s basically a peach cobbler disassembled – then reconstructed – into eight layers (count, eight!). It’s got extra lumpy streusel made with all-purpose flour, light brown sugar, aged oats, ground cinnamon, and butter.

5. Almond and Peach Cobbler

Indulge in this rustic dessert made up of equal parts bread pudding, peach pie, and your favorite biscuit.

6. Peach Bostock

We love every recipe from Jason Schreiber’s cookbook, fruit cakeBut this peach and almond might just be our favourite.

7. Roasted peaches

After grilling burgers, vegetable kebabs, and corn on the cob, leave them a little longer for these grilled peaches—they’re brushed with a little butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon for the warm flavors we love so much.

8. Luisa’s Peach Cake

One cup of ricotta cheese makes this peach-and-cream cake intensely fluffy.

9. Peach and sour cream ice cream

No need for an ice cream maker here! The fat from tangy sour cream naturally adds body to ice cream, sans churning. Simply mix sour cream, sugar, prunes and lemon juice in a food processor until everything is smooth; Serve as is, or freeze for a firmer texture.

10. Fresh Peach Tartlet

Instead of making one big tart, this one is a fun summertime surprise. While making roughly a dozen individual pies may seem like a feat, I promise this recipe is as easy as a pie.

11. Peach and lemon sorbet from the river cafe

Anything Ruth Rogers touches turns to gold—or, in this case, a pale peach color I like to call “dreams.” Three ingredients are all you need to make this refreshing vegan dessert: peaches, a large lemon, and premium sugar.

12. Peach Tart with Roasted Berries

We love an open-faced pie or tart like this one because you can actually see a swarm of pretty fruit waiting for you inside. Here, you’ll see a vibrant array of sliced ​​fresh berries and peaches scattered across the gingerbread crust.

13. Peach and vegan caramel coffee cake

Instead of cold butter, we’re turning to coconut oil to make a crumbly streusel topping for this vegan dessert. After all, what’s a coffee cake that doesn’t have big chunks of candy and spice on top?

14. Peach and Cinnamon Butter

Here’s a reason to get out of bed: Make classic cinnamon buns with homemade peach butter (this recipe calls for a pound and a half of fresh peaches, so it’s a great way to make them after eager growers hit the market). They also include sugar, honey, vanilla bean, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, and vinegar.

15. Tomato, Peach, Scheefer, and Herb Salad with Apple Cider Vinegar

When it comes to summer salads, you probably think of a peach salad or a tomato salad—but not a hybrid salad. This seasonal “best together” blend is simply garnished with premium quality olive oil and vinegar.

16. Four Jill Peach Pie with Coconut Meringue Crust

Instead of the traditional pie crust, we love this all-natural, gluten-free use of a whipped coconut meringue filled with stewed peaches.

17. Peach Butter Pie “Cuban”

Not only does peach pie look pretty and summery; There are benefits to the prep process, too. “Clusters of baked little ‘flowers’ made for a pie crust make for pretty, but also add a nice crunch without the double-crust fuss,” recipe developer Erin Jane McDowell wrote.

18. Peach and Cream Pavlovas

You can add almost any fruit in season to Pavlova, but in the summer we are all talking about juicy peaches. Keep in mind that the summer months are generally wetter, which means your pavlova will be softer, not crunchier.

19. Pork Cabbage Rolls with Peaches and Herbs

Peaches are not just about sweets. We love the way they work alongside pork for delicious cabbage rolls that will feed a hungry group.

20. Peach Butter Sherbet

This four-ingredient sherbet calls for milk, sugar, and preserved peaches. And theFresh peach slices (why do we limit the flavor to just one kind)?

21. Peach, Bacon, Bourbon BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce doesn’t just need honey or brown sugar to sweeten. “Here, prune juice and apple cider vinegar provide acid while molasses, brown sugar, and bourbon complement the sweetness,” wrote recipe developer Ali Slagl.

22. Peach Salad with Anchovy Vinegar

This is no ordinary fruit salad. Toss thin slices of peaches in a salty anchovy dressing (in a good way!).

23. Beachy Macarons

How sweet are these peach-inspired macarons? And they’re not just peach-shaped – they’re flavorful too!

24. Inverted Peach Mochi Cake

“Peach. generous. caramel; Do I need to say more? “This dense and chewy cake has all the flavor I want for late summer,” wrote recipe developer Sahla El Waily. We couldn’t agree more. Sec, anyone?

25. Peach & Earl Gray Julep

Peaches and bourbon come together like peanut butter and jelly, and Earl Gray tea adds a depth of floral and slightly citrusy flavor to this cocktail.

26. Smoky Sweet Beach Spritzer

I’m not thirsty, however I know this fruit drink will quench my thirst and my taste buds, and it’s very refreshing for summer.

27. Peach whiskey crush

Whiskey and peaches go together like peaches and cream (just better).

28. Frozen Peaches and Lemon with Gin

Relax on a sweltering summer’s day with this flavor-packed drink.

29. White Sangria

Sangria is a blank slate for any fruits and vegetables, but peaches are a natural fit for white wine-based sangria.

30. Cointreau Roasted Peach Margherita

Your new favorite margarita recipe for summer! It uses homemade smoked prune juice, which you can make by caramelizing sugar-sweetened peaches on the grill, then blending them into a fine purée.

What is your favorite way to cook or bake with peaches? Let us know in the comments below!

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