30 honey recipes that contain all the sweet and savory flavors

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a jar or teddy bear of honey kicking around in your cabinets, only to be pulled out when you’re sick (along with chicken soup maybe?) or on top of toast for a quick healthy breakfast. We are here to tell you, you can use it for more. From delicious weekend-night chicken dinners to sticky desserts, we’ve got a recipe here for you. Check out 30 honey recipes for ideas.

First, some fun facts about honey! We all know that honey comes from bees (we won’t get into the vile details), but did you know that flowers pollinated by bees also affect the flavor of honey? There are a few major ones you’ll encounter, and you’ll need to experiment to see what you like best, whether you bake or cook with it, or enjoy it on its own. We love ultra-floral options like wildflowers or honey clover for baking, as do our sticky brownies, walnut and pistachio baklava, or our honeycomb cake. Smoked mesquite honey or buckwheat honey can be nice for savory uses, such as honey mustard chicken, honey-balsamic-glazed Brussels sprouts, or honey-garlic-glazed salmon. Neroli and honey lavender are beautiful in drinks, like the Arnold Palmer or the gold rush cocktail. Try different types and see which one you like best.

honey grocery store Can To be adulterated (the honey industry is a wild industry), so even though there are some regulations in place in the US, the extra cheap stuff on the shelves may have more high fructose corn syrup or water in them than you expect. If avoiding that is important to you, it’s best to pay a few extra bucks for the good stuff. One of the best options is raw Honey, especially if you can get it from a local beekeeper somewhere like the farmers market (fun fact, if you Can When harvested locally, it can be beneficial for staving off seasonal allergy symptoms!). This is the best option when you really want to taste honey, like on toast, in sauces like hot honey or honey mustard, or when you’re just using it as a garnish, like on top of our wild bread.

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