A cafe on Fire Island in New York celebrates pride by giving back to the community

Fire Island, New York – When it comes to Fire Island in New York, the beach and community are the biggest attractions, especially for members of the gay community who have found sanctuaries in Cherry Grove and Pines.

Randy Loweser began his travels to the Pines Islands in 1985 while his husband Jim Scheke followed suit in 2003 when he and Randy started dating.

“I came here from the Midwest and to me, it was like a place out of a fairytale,” Lowesser said.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, they headed to their home on Fire Island, where the idea for BeachBreak Coffee was born.

“Beach break is a term for surfing, where the wave breaks over a sandbar and that’s what we have here and also of course, it refers to coffee breaks,” said Skiki.

Their beans are roasted in Savannah, Georgia and milled in their home on Fire Island with varieties called communities.

“We have Guatemalan pine, we have Colombian Cherry Grove, we have Lighthouse Espresso mix,” Scheke said.

Products are distributed the true Fire Island way.

“We distribute up and down Fire Island,” Loweser said. “I have my e-bike and this opened up the distribution part of it.”

Due to certain commercial restrictions on the island, they were unable to open their dream cafe, but the stores on the island stock their product.

This includes Denizen, which opened last summer.

Owner Ryan Espinosa said, “I love their brand. They have an incredible story, they have a business background that is incredibly rich in their experience and they are entering their new business.”

Ryan Espinosa was happy to sell BeachBreak because it honors the place he loves.

There’s now a Pride Edition, a portion of this month’s proceeds that will help artists with Fire Island residency programs.

“It gives us a chance to give back to the community, which is great,” Lowesser said.

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