Consumer who got sick after eating Daily Harvest tells her story

Sarah Schacht is part of a select group of subjects with E. coli infection characterized in two separate outbreaks. The first victim of the Jack in the Box E. coli outbreak in Seattle in 1993 at the age of 13, Schacht fell ill again 20 years later after eating at a Seattle Ethiopian restaurant linked to an E. coli outbreak in February 2013.

And now nearly a decade later, Schacht may be part of another food disease outbreak.

“The funny thing is, the average for Americans is that they have an outbreak of foodborne illness every 10 years. So, the good news is I’ve had a decade of vacation,” Schacht said. food safety news.

“French Lentils + Leeks” was pulled from Daily Harvest on June 19.

Harvest, a food delivery service, issued a statement on June 19 mentioning “Lentil + Leek Crumbles” after receiving customer reports of products causing digestive issues. There has been an increasing number of consumers reporting illness after consuming the product over the past few weeks.

“The irony of being trapped in all this with Daily Harvest is not lost on me. I want to be careful to say that, I’m still waiting for my lab tests. I’m still waiting to test the Daily Harvest product. But I suspect, based on what I’ve heard from others, that I I may be in this outbreak.” “Nobody with this outbreak knows anything for sure right now. And the company hasn’t helped with that.”

The Seattle Native has been using the Daily Harvest food service for several months. She started feeling sick sometime in May, having had two separate nights a week or two of severe digestive symptoms. Her stomach felt swollen and inflamed. “I’m still going to get on with life as best I can. And then I’m going to have such random infectious events. They were really painful. There was one night where I was traveling for work and I realized I might have to go to the emergency room, the pain was excruciating. It was scary to wake up.” From such intense pain.”

Over the weekend, Schucht received an email from Daily Harvest stating that they were recalling “French Lentils + Leek Crumbles”.

“I immediately emailed them, and said, ‘Did you guys identify what the pathogen is or what is the cause of the disease? And I got an automatic reply. It was the same email that was sent to me before.’”

Schucht threw the bags. “I opened the compost and threw the bags in the garbage.” But Friday night, before receiving the email, I drank a juice from the Daily Harvest. “I was like, ‘I didn’t have enough protein for the day. I’m going to have, like, a protein smoothie for dessert. So I had one of their pre-packaged smoothies and added protein powder and mixed it up and got really sick the next day.'”

“And I suspect, and I can’t know for sure, that it’s my gut feeling, not to speak of it, that based on seeing all these other complaints online, this may not be limited to just one product. But I can’t prove it. It’s just My doubts.”

French lentils + crumbled shallots

“When you order things from Daily Harvest, it’s kind of like you set it and forget it and they keep charging you regularly,” Schacht explained. “You live your busy life and eat through your food stocks in your freezer. I think I ate more than two bags of it (French lentils + crumbled shallots). Maybe a little more. The bags are like two to three individual wafer bags.”

Schucht remembers getting excited because about a month or two ago, Daily Harvest introduced two products called crumbles—a plant-based protein product that you can add to your daily meals. “I am a vegetarian, I have been a vegetarian most of my life. So, it was compelling to have an extra protein ingredient to include with my meals.”

“I guess I was one of the first people to order it when it was available. Because I just thought, Oh, that sounds good to add to my meals.”

I’ve tried different ways to cook the crumbs, but found that it never turned out as advertised. “It’s kind of like finely ground nuts and lentils and then spices and maybe onions or a few mixed greens. It’s all finely ground, and it has a slightly moist texture. It’s crumbly, but also moist. I wasn’t a big fan of it, but I ordered it twice already” .

“I cooked it in the pan. I also put it in the microwave – which I do for almost all the produce I got from Daily Harvest. They were like, ‘You can cook it in so many ways. I never thought they’d send this item without the ingredients already cooked. It has undergone some kind of cooking or pasteurization process beforehand.”


Schacht is waiting for multiple tests to come back, to find out what caused the disease and what might be in the product. “I sent out my leftover product. I didn’t realize, but at the bottom of my fridge, I had one open bag and one closed bag of crumbs that I missed when I cleared three more.”

Schacht is slowly recovering from these bouts of illness. About a decade ago, I began developing reactive arthritis responses from the second E. coli outbreak I was involved in.

“It’s an inflammatory response to everything my gut went through, so I’ve had a lot of physical pain. I’ve worked really hard in the last decade to reduce inflammation. And diet has been a big part of that, and a lot of physical therapy to help manage and reduce inflammation. Now, I’m seeing some signs of inflammation.” Reactive arthritis is coming back. Which is really annoying.”

“The last couple of years I’ve been in a good place. I’ve done the work to be healthier. I thought I was doing something supportive of my body – given my short time in work and life – by getting a product like Daily Harvest.”

“For people in the food safety world who might be reading this interview, I have to tell them, ‘Hey, I double check the products I’ve received.'” They were all completely frozen. like a rock. I wasn’t worried about the damage.”

She noted that except for the juice, she steamed hot food.

“This is the last month and a half or so, you know, my doctor and I have been trying to figure out what’s going on with me, and until the summons notice, we never got it together, that may have been what caused my discomfort.”

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