Cozy Henderson Spot Aroma has all the Latin flavor you need

It was here with you, Henderson. I shouldn’t hear you claiming again that you don’t have enough great places to eat in your suburb. That hasn’t been a true statement for years now, but I can still hear it, although apparently every time I try a new restaurant in Henderson, I am amazed by the food and overall experience.

My most recent discovery was at the corner of Sunset Road and Green Valley Parkway, an intersection at the heart of this neighborhood’s decades-old dining scene. And I didn’t find out so much as I finally visited a small charming restaurant that many friends have enthusiastically recommended in recent months.

Then I sat at the Aroma Latin American Cocina and immediately ate the best steak taco I’ve ever had.

Stacked atop two thin, crunchy tortillas with a drizzle of green salsa, fresh cheese, pico de gallo, avocado and pickled onions rest a mountain of well-cooked and seasoned steak, and it’s more tender than regular carne asada. It could be a full lunch by itself, and a steal of $6.

Given the lineage of chef and owner Steve Kistler, who has worked in the Bazaar Meat, Bouchon, and EDO Tapas kitchens, it’s no surprise that something so simple would get the ultimate treatment in Aroma. But the tacos—also available with fried pork belly or avocado ($5)—are just the start at this versatile casual eatery, which skilfully delves into Guatemalan, Cuban, Peruvian, and other Latin fare.

Start with our bright, fresh summer mangonada salad ($12.50), filled with mangoes, jicama, and cashews in a chamois pleasure—
Marked bandage. Shrimp
ceviche ($16) Serve with fresh “tostadita” chips packed with avocado and cucumber celery pico for a fresh crunch. Guatemalan enchilada ($10) is another starter flavor bomb that can fill you up with well-cooked picadillo beef.
Eggs and Cotija cheese and
Pickled beets.

Revisit the amazing steak on a Gaucho sandwich ($18), or indulge in the slow-roasted pork that serves as the basis for an excellent authentic Cubao ($16) at lunchtime. Then come back for dinner, where the Kestler entrees really shine. take it on salted loin ($20) uses beef tenderloin, an upgrade on Peruvian tradition also served with sushi rice and yellow pepper Cream sauce. chicken Tinga Chilaquils ($16) is a dish any time of the day here, and immortalized Beef short ribs ($20), with roasted sweet potatoes and eskets Corn salad, may be the maker of the show on the menu.

You have great food in your hood, people of Henderson. Try Aroma, if you haven’t already, but don’t thank me; I thank this talented and ambitious chef and his team.

Aroma Latin America 2877 N. Green Valley Parkway, 702-610-2727, tuesday – saturday, 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Sunday, 11 AM – 4 PM

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