Delicious toppers: the indomitable combination of spices

For a limited time, free samples are offered to food and food service manufacturers

Fuchs North America, the market leader in innovative seasoning, flavoring and seasoning solutions for the food processing, retail and food service industries, Tasty Toppers مجموعة Collection An innovative seasoning line that brings the perfect finishing touch to a variety of dishes. This spice collection delivers delicious flavors and textures that elevate popular food products and provide unique sensory experiences. Each spice blend in our new range highlights upcoming and up-and-coming trends, while also showing the sheer variety of toppings.

This range offers delicious seasoning blends that are perfect for sprinkling and topping salads, shakes, and yogurt. These items are also the starting point for food manufacturers and food service organizations to develop their own rich product offerings, with Fuchs’ culinary professionals at their side.

Unbeatable flavors

our new Tasty Toppers مجموعة Collection Includes the following three spice blends:

  • Taco Soy Protein Salad
  • Chocolate Chip Shake Topper
  • Tropical Yogurt Seasoning Furikake

Introducing the collection, Shannon Cochin, Fox Marketing Director describes The inspiration behind this collection. “Consumers search for innovative products, and place a great deal of value on brands that offer them new ways to experience the latest trends. From fresh textures and sensory experiences to on-trend flavors, toppers are an out-of-the-ordinary way to give these consumers what they want.”

“Our new collection delivers exactly the kinds of sensory and flavor experiences that consumers are looking for. Not only that, but toppers are an effective way for brands to transform their current product offerings. With our new collection, we highlight how versatile toppers can be and how brands can use them. To take existing products to new heights,” Cochin concludes.

To bring the joy of food to life for consumers around the world, Fuchs helps food companies understand trends and tap into where the cooking energy is strongest. In this spirit, each of the elements that make up Fuchs Tasty Toppers مجموعة Collection Featuring delicious, innovative spices carefully developed by our industry experts and corporate chef.

something for the authorities

It’s time to go beyond basic powers. Health-conscious consumers want more of their salads—more flavor, more texture, more variety, and more protein. our Taco Soy Protein Salad Hands all of the above, checking all the appropriate boxes for power consumers. Not only does it bring south-of-the-border-inspired flavor to salads, but it’s also leaning toward the vegan protein trend, which has dominated health and wellness trends.

Shake up Shake

Shakes should not be boring! our Chocolate Chip Shake Topper It raises the indulgence factor for any shake. Add it to a banana protein shake to let consumers treat themselves or shake it onto cake and whipped cream for an extra delicious dessert. With incredible versatility and endless possibilities, the sky is limitless with this cover!

Delicious dairy products

Featuring a modern, tropical flavor and delicious texture, this next seasoning adds the perfect finishing touch to yogurt and other dairy products. our Tropical Yogurt Seasoning Furikake It offers delicious flavor and a unique sensory experience that is sure to be a hit with consumers.

Customized solutions too

Fuchs North America’s experts in consumer taste preferences translate food trends into irresistible products with offerings like Tasty Toppers مجموعة Collection. According to Ken Westenfeld, Vice President of Sales and Technical Services, these special collections serve as a way to partner with food manufacturers and food service organizations to bring the joy of food to life for consumers around the world.

As Wuestenfeld explains, through in-depth trend analysis, Fuchs listens to consumers’ desires and helps elevate favorite foods, flavors and brands with distinctive, trend-driven spices. “We create flavors that consumers love to pass on. Our flavors bring people together – and keep them coming back for more.”

Fox’s development process is the perfect blend of science and art. In the competitive food market, brands need to offer something unique, but also have to be brought to market quickly and reliably. Fuchs North America’s advanced seasoning solutions, fast response times, deep expertise and a customer-centric process enable a customized approach to transforming new ideas into consumer favorites.

With Fuchs, you can expect results-oriented support that is focused, flexible and responsive. We innovate for you – from our marketing insight to R&D expertise, we support you through all stages of the product development cycle. Our organization and quality experts are on hand to ensure your bottom line is met to the specifications you want,” Wuestenfeld reports.

With over 75 years of experience, Fuchs is committed to providing quality products the first time and every time. Contact us to see how Fuchs can help you create something special.

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