DVIDS – News – Burlington’s culinary team wins food service award for the first time in its history

Norfolk, Virginia (June 21, 2022) The USNS Burlington (T – EPF 10) has won the Food Service Excellence Award from the Military Naval Transportation Command for the first time in the ship’s three and a half year history.

Burlington is known for its distinguished foodservice professionals who can now claim bragging rights as the best of the best in MSC’s Small Afloat category.

Atlantic Commodore MSC Captain Daniel E. Broadhurst was present to present the award to the culinary team at Burlington – Chief Steward Patrick Jane and Cook Baker and Wilson Dorsius. When this dynamic duo combines their unique culinary skills, Jean said, it always results in a fine dining experience for civil service sailors on board. “Our efforts are a sign of respect for the crew. We are tasked with providing nutritional food choices; therefore, the crew remains strong and empowered to do their jobs well – a task we do not take lightly.”

Catering is more than just a job. It’s a call made by Captain Tyler Driscoll on the Burlington ship. “It is critical to have a food service program that provides meals to help the crew maintain their physical and mental readiness to support the Navy. Quality food service goes a long way toward supporting crew morale and well-being.”

I wholeheartedly echo Capt. Driscoll’s comments, said MSC Food Services Director Roberta Gio. “Having a variety of appetizers with healthy options, during each meal, for CIVMARs to choose from based on the nutritional information provided is key. The Burlington food service team cares about what they prepare and serve to the crew, and that is the difference in their success. The dynamic team The ingredient from Chief Steward Jean and Cook Baker Dorceus is really professional.”

Supply Officer Teobaldo Parazon played a key role in the culinary team’s victory as the Supply Bureau is responsible for providing oversight for the Burlington food service program.

MSC established the Food Service Management Excellence Award in 1992 to improve the quality of MSC’s onboard food service operations and to formally recognize civilian seafarers responsible for the outstanding management of food service operations on board ships. In 2003, the award was renamed the Capt. David M. Cook Food Service Excellence Award, named after Captain David M. Cook, Logistics Manager at MSC from 1995 to 1998.

The award recognizes the challenge of achieving the highest standards of culinary and nutritional skill in the food served to Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and CIVMARS on board their ships. The award also recognizes the contribution that food service professionals make on board ships in maintaining high morale and fitness for the accomplishment of ship missions.

Burlington is one of four ship winners. The other three were in the following categories: Medium Float – USNS Joshua Humphreys (T-AO 188), Large Float – USNS Richard E. Bird (T-AKE 4); The Hybrid Afloat – USS Frank cable (AS 40).

The Burlington, an expeditionary express transport, is designed for rapid in-theatre transportation of troops and military equipment. The ship is one of 14 EPFs to be built for the US Navy. Its crew consists of 26 sailors from the civil service working in the Military Naval Transportation Command who operate, sail and maintain the ship.

EPFs are capable of transporting approximately 600 tons of military forces, vehicles, supplies and equipment 1,200 nautical miles at an average speed of 35 knots. Burlington has sleeping accommodations for up to 42 crew members and 104 expedition personnel; And airline-style seating for 312 people. Its flight deck can support day and night flight operations of a wide variety of aircraft, including the CH-53 Super Stallions.

Tenth in its class, Burlington is the first ship in the Navy to bear the name Burlington, Vermont’s largest city. The vessel joined MSC’s inventory in 2018.

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