Here’s Why Coffee Costs Are High in Charlotte

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, coffee prices have skyrocketed. This means that your cup of joe is getting more expensive.

In February, the price of coffee hit a record $2.52 a pound, more than double what it was two years ago, Business Insider reported. The current price is now sitting at $2.32 a pound.

Here’s why coffee is so expensive, and where to find deals in Charlotte.

Why has the price of coffee gone up?

Factors such as weather, transportation issues and increased demand can limit the supply of coffee, which usually leads to higher prices, writes financial analyst Payel Bera for, a global investment trading platform.

Dry weather in Brazil, the world’s largest coffee producer, has lowered estimates of the 2022 coffee crop, from 55.74 million to 53.43 million 60-kilogram bags of beans, Beira said. The estimate represents a 15.3% decrease from the crops produced in 2020.

Supply chain restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and record high inflation rates in the United States have also contributed to higher coffee prices, according to Bera. High inflation means farmers get paid less, which affects their profit margins and pushes them up prices.

The closing of restaurants during the pandemic has also coincided with an increase in global demand for coffee, Bera explained, adding that coffee consumption in China and Japan has risen significantly since 2020. However, Russia is expected to reduce its coffee consumption due to the resulting trade obstacles. its conquest of Ukraine.

Where to find coffee deals in Charlotte

This week, Harris Teeter and Food Lion held deals on a few popular store-bought coffee brands like Starbucks and Folgers. These deals are valid until June 28:

Harris Teeter

  • Starbucks coffee (12-ounce bags): $7.99

  • K-Cups for Followers (12 count): $6.49

  • Special Selected Signature Mix (48 Count): $18.99

  • Folgers Coffee (10 ounce bags): Buy one, get one free

  • Simple Truth Cold brew (32 oz): Buy one, get one free

lion food

  • Dunkin’ or Folgers K mugs (10 count): $7.99

  • McCafe or Krispy Kreme K Mugs (12 count): $6.49

  • Single Serve Food Lion Coffee Mugs (36 pieces): $14.99

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