Matcha Cuisine Machine Review

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I’ve always loved matcha tea, but I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a die-hard fan. Now, during the summer when it’s too hot for a coffee, an iced matcha latte with oat milk is the perfect afternoon treat. In the past, I’d never keep matcha at home (mostly because I had no idea where the stuff came from or how it was made), but my recent discovery of the Cuzen Matcha Maker has radically changed my approach to caffeine. I no longer wait in line for an expensive “Cup-o-Mach”. Now, I make my own matcha tea at home, with my own leaves, which saves time and money.

Why grind your matcha? Well, have you seen the price of matcha powder at the grocery store or Starbucks?! Plus, grinding your own matcha leaves at home preserves the natural health benefits you get from matcha’s high antioxidant levels. Store-bought and milled matcha loses its nutrient quality and density over time.

The Cuzen Matcha Maker Kit has a modern and elegant design, takes up little counter space, and stores easily in the cupboard when I need it. The product’s easy-to-clean design facilitates everyday use, with detachable elements inside and out.

The process of making matcha tea is a wonderful thing to witness. Cuzen offers a variety of matcha leaves, which come in packages of 20 to 60 cups in three flavors. Once the package is dumped into the top of the machine, it grinds the leaves into a fine powder. Under the grinder, an underwater magnetic motor rotates to whisk together a perfectly blended shot of matcha.

Now, let’s talk about technology. Cuzen’s Matcha Maker grinds leaves to about half the size of a manual mill. While both the manual grinder and the motor produce a silky fine powder, the convenience of having an automatic matcha maker do the work for you cannot be overstated. Additionally, the aluminum compartment prevents oxidation of leaves and powder, allowing the user to store up to 20 matcha drinks inside the device at one time.

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