Monsoon Special: 7 Healthy and Delicious Masala Chai Recipes With Indian Spices

For ardent tea lovers, seasons don’t matter. Their love for tea does not wane with the change of weather; They want their daily hot cup of tea in the morning and evening without fail. But it is the monsoon that makes us enjoy tea the most. The cold wind that accompanies the rain makes us feel comfortable with a cup of tea in our hands. To avoid seasonal diseases that accompany the change of season, adding spices to tea seems to be a viable option. Masala tea, with its sharp flavors, is excellent for building our immunity and protecting us from the flu. cold and cough;

This monsoon, ignite your love for your favorite drink. Give your tea sessions a boost and your health too with these masala tea recipes.

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Here are 7 kadak masala chai recipes to try this monsoon season:

1. Turmeric tea

Turmeric has worldwide recognition for promoting health by building immunity. Turmeric tea is healthy and delicious at the same time. The recipe uses honey in place of refined sugar and adds black pepper to balance the flavors. Adding milk or not adding it is entirely your choice. Here is the recipe.

2. Adrak Masala Tea

Ginger is the most preferred spice to increase the potency of regular tea. Here, ginger is surrounded by cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon to give simple ginger tea a boost of flavors. Try this recipe today.

3. Ginger and garlic tea

The magical pairing of ginger and garlic has always made our foods taste better, and now it’s time to apply the same to tea. Since both spices complement each other so well, your tea will be great. Click here for the recipe.

4. Tulsi tea

We are all well aware of the various health benefits that tulsi offers, especially during the change of season. To prepare this tea, simply boil some tulsi leaves for about five minutes before proceeding with your usual tea recipe.

5. Classic Masala Tea

Don’t we all love the classic masala tea we get at all the small tea stalls and dhapas? Why are you waiting to go out to enjoy this amazing lip tea? Have it in the comfort of your home when the rains make you stay in it. Try this easy recipe.

masala tea

Make classic masala chai with an array of spices.

6. Star Anise Masala Tea

The star anise spice makes biryani delicious and does the same with tea. Make this masala tea with star anise combined with other regular spices to pamper yourself with a unique and soothing ‘sham ki chai’ on beautiful rainy evenings. Click here for the recipe.

7. Sunf tea

Saunf (fennel seed) is naturally sweet. It’ll elevate your tea without the need for artificial sweeteners if you don’t like overly sweet teas. Boil the saun with tea leaves or granules and enjoy the pungent flavor of the tea.

Monsoon is the perfect time to try your own tea, not to mention that you already have a plethora of spices in your kitchen to choose from.

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