Podcasts are great for the ears. Crooked Media’s new coffee is now serving up the taste buds, too. | Podcast News Daily

To listen to a song by a particular brand of coffee, the best part of waking up is the podcast. But the coffee isn’t bad either, and thanks to Crooked Media, the two will meet. Crooked Coffee went on sale this week as the progressive podcaster launched its first food and beverage product and is helping raise funds to support a good cause in the process.

Crooked Coffee is a line of premium, ethically sourced coffees with a donation pledge from every order. Crooked Coffee’s first offering is their “What A Morning” variety, which includes both medium roasts and dark roasts, available in whole or ground grain. The name is a play on the Crooked franchise “What a Day,” which started as a daily newsletter and evolved into the daily morning news podcast What A Day.

Crooked has teamed up with Akira Coffee, the experts at a small range of specialty coffee, to source, roast and distribute the finest beans from around the world. To align with Crooked’s mission to leave the world a little better, every effort has been made to ensure that Crooked Coffee beans are ethically sourced, that the packaging is recyclable, and that carbon emissions are offset.

A percentage of the proceeds from each Crooked Coffee order will be donated to the nonprofit Register Her To help register and activate women to vote. This group supports women of color and Indigenous women in their community organizing efforts, and has a connection to Crooked’s Vote Save America work through Senior Policy Director Shaniqua McClendon and is an activist on its board.

“We made coffee because, first and foremost, we drink and love coffee. We may spill tea on capsules, but Crooked Media is fueled by coffee,” said Crystal Ponzio-Busto, Crooked Media’s senior vice president of marketing. That this consumer product launch is true to Crooked’s values ​​- bold, responsible, and contributing to the common good. We have found a great partner at Akira Coffee and are also proud to be working with Register Her at a crucial time for women voters.”

Medium and dark roasts from Crooked Coffee’s What A Morning cost $19 or by subscription for $14.25 per 12-ounce bag. Crooked Coffee plans to roll out new blends and products later this year with a series of networks and charitable partners.

To create the visual identity of Crooked Coffee, Crooked partnered with Brooklyn-based design firm The Young Jerks. She says the style and packaging are an evolution of Crooked’s “robust” design aesthetic.

“Get this one — it’s really really good and every bag you buy will help score it,” Crooked Media founders Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor said in a joint statement.

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