The Bridge Coffee Shop at Ebels General Store offers a bridge to the Red City community

RED CITY – Apples General Store held a major ribbon-cutting official opening party for their new clothing store, as well as their new café, The Bridge.

The celebration took place two days after the first anniversary of the opening of the Ebels general store in Red City.

The Bridge Coffee Shop’s origin came from Laura Bennett’s grandmother, who had an influence on her and her family.

Mark Ebels said, “When Laura grew up with her family, I realized Grandma did something for all of us when we were young. She made a bridge for our families to meet.”

Bennett wanted to create a café that would serve as a bridge for families to meet in her community, similar to her grandmother’s home for her and her family.

“It’s wonderful because that’s the first thing the good Lord has given us is our family,” said Ebels.

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