A woman used a Grubhub to call the police while she was being held hostage in the Bronx

The complaint says the unidentified woman, who agreed to meet a man she had previously been talking to on a dating app, was assaulted and later raped by the man.

According to the complaint, the man took the woman’s phone away but she said she was able to retrieve it when she asked the man if she could order food.

A copy of the order, submitted via Grubhub, a food delivery service, shows that she wrote in the comments section: “Please call the police… Please don’t make it obvious.”

When the man opened the door expecting to deliver the food, he was met by officers from the New York Police Department, according to the complaint.

Bronx man accused of sexual assault and rape

Employees at the Chipper Truck Cafe in Yonkers, New York, received the woman’s Grubhub request for help around 5:20 a.m. on June 19.

Alice Bermejo, one of the restaurant’s owners, told CNN Wednesday that an employee who saw the note called her husband, who then advised her to call the police.

“It was just a waiting game to see what happened,” Bermejo said. “We didn’t know if it was real or fake.”

NYPD officers responded to the address about an hour later and arrested 32-year-old Kimui Royal at the scene.

Royal is charged with brutal sexual assault, rape, criminal sexual acts, and sexual assault, according to a criminal complaint.

On Sunday, Royal was summoned and a judge released bail of $25,000 in cash. Court records show that he remains in custody and is due to appear in court next Friday.

Royal also faces separate charges of strangulation, sexual abuse and attempted criminal sexual act over another alleged sexual assault of a 26-year-old woman about four days ago, according to the complaint. It was not immediately clear how police linked the two cases.

CNN has reached out to Royal’s attorney for comment.

The restaurateur is grateful that the woman is safe, and thanks Grubhub

Bermejo said police officials called Sunday afternoon to inform them that the woman’s request to the police was genuine, that someone had been arrested and that the woman was safe.

She told CNN that she is still in shock about what happened but is thankful for saving the woman.

“We’re just grateful that the girl is fine,” Bermejo said. “That’s the most important thing.”

Although she does not know the identity of the woman, Bermejo said she hopes they will meet one day and give her a hug.

Grubhub said Wednesday that the COO reached out to Bermejo Wednesday morning to offer $5,000 “that she can invest in her business as our way of getting to know her and (her family) for their quick thinking.”

“Every time we see behavior as simple but exceptional as this, we are amazed at how our partners have positively impacted their communities,” Groupob said in a statement. “Whatever they decide to use the money for, we hope it helps the restaurant and reminds all of their customers what (the people) are great.”

The money “will certainly be put to good use,” Bermejo said.

“For them to call us and thank us it was a big enough deal for us,” Bermejo said. “We are grateful to them…because as everyone knows, the pandemic has been tough on everyone.”

CNN’s Travis Nichols and Emily Chang contributed to this report.

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