Cultures that embrace vegetarianism

Hey, did you know that people who follow a vegan diet eat more than just grass? Shocking, right!

Vegetarian foods are known to be expensive and bland. While the American vegetarian style may appear to consist only of vegetables, cultures all over the world have adopted a vegetarian diet. It even intertwines with some cultural cuisine! Even better, some dishes are so delicious that you wouldn’t even know they were vegetarian.

Whether you’re a vegetarian eater looking for fresh recipes or simply trying to expand your taste buds, Clog has you covered. The following list includes three cultures with extravagant dishes that might have something you’ve been looking for.


India has the largest vegetarian population in the world. The religions practiced predominantly in India such as Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism lead to more than 40% of the population being vegetarian. This kitchen uses coconut milk in its signature curries, for example. In addition, they commonly use vegetables such as chickpeas and cauliflower to season them to make aromatic dishes. This spice is so amazing you won’t miss animal products at all. Indian food is definitely worth exploring if you are looking for more vegetarian meals.


Vegetarianism has been a big part of Ethiopian culture for centuries due to the prominence of its orthodox Christian religion – hence their vegetarian practices and fasting. Shiro wut is a popular dish made with ground chickpeas and peas, while misir wut is made with lentils. These ingredients are used to make a delicious stew, a favorite of many. Their signature pancake-like bread is made with cereal and water. This bread, called injera, is served with most Ethiopian dishes. If you’re feeling inspired, try both injera and one of the two stews together! I promise it will rock your world.


Indonesian food is vegan friendly too! Although many traditional dishes use meat, this country also includes alternatives to soybeans. For example, tempeh goreng uses sweet and spicy flavors. On the other hand, tahoe goreng is a fried tofu dish. The most popular desserts are also vegetarian due to Indonesia’s focus on coconut milk, palm sugar, coconut, and bananas rather than creamers that are dominated by dairy products.

Vegetarianism has a deeper history in other cultures. For years, people have been able to prepare delicious meals that go against the stereotypical vegetarian dishes we see today. We hope that with these meals you can bring more variety into your diet – and the world will be better for it.

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