China’s Bushwick mission will close in July

Mission Chinese Bushwick opened in 2018.
Photo: Scott Haynes

While restaurants – at least from the outside – are back in something reminiscent of nature, the closure continues. This time, it’s Mission Chinese in Bushwick, which plans to deliver its final service at the end of July, according to an announcement made today.

“After rebuilding our foundations and doing everything we can to not only survive but thrive, we are faced with the difficult decision to close our beloved Bushwick site at the end of July,” the post read. “The past two years have been incredibly challenging, but also feel like a gift because they have stimulated a lot of positive growth and given us a fresh outlook on what the future of Mission Chinese could be.”

The Bushwick restaurant opened in 2018 inside the former 24,000-square-foot warehouse it shared with the sprawling (and still open) music venue elsewhere. If the Manhattan location looked “like a three-way concert hall,” Grob noted at the time, the Brooklyn iteration was a “spicy canteen.”

This troubled Manhattan outpost closed in September 2020; Pandemic-era operations no longer make sense, Bowen wrote at the time, and the restaurant would forge a “new path to survival.”

Two years later, the Brooklyn outpost will follow suit. “None of this would have been possible without the strength and resilience of the Mission Chinese Bushwick team,” the announcement continues. “We cannot be more proud and in awe of their commitment to making Mission Chinese Bushwick a fun and hospitable place to work and dine.” With that, Mission, with its kung pao pastrami and pop-rock pannacotta, exits New York. (The original San Francisco location – Last Standing Mission – is still open.)

In its last week of business, from July 19 to July 23, the restaurant will be making one final change: forgoing existing dishes in favor of an all-vegetarian menu inspired by the upcoming Bowien. vegan mission cooking book.

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