Dapper Cat Coffee could open by the end of the year in South Wichita

Lydia Mettee's ultimate goal is to operate a coffee shop from the ground floor of her historic Wichita home on South Broadway.

Lydia Mettee’s ultimate goal is to operate a coffee shop from the ground floor of her historic Wichita home on South Broadway.

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In the future, Wichita could enjoy an elegant café established on the ground floor of the local historic Queen Anne Victorian.

But at the moment, entrepreneur Lydia Mitty dreams of something a little younger.

Mettee, who lives in the Monroe-Mahan home at 1357 S. Broadway, is in the process of planning a new coffee shop, which she hopes to open by the end of the year.

The store, which will be called Dapper Cat Coffee, will be located somewhere on the south-central side of Wichita. Mette said that one of her main goals with the store is to add something special to her adopted neighborhood.

“I want to focus on bringing positivity to the region,” she said. “South Broadway is an area not known for being a very positive space.”

Lydia Mettee, who acquired some Mead’s Corner gear when it closed, plans to open a new coffee company called Dapper Cat Coffee. photo courtesy

She’s considering real estate now, and has focused her research on the area that stretches from Kellogg to Pawnee and from the Arkansas River to Hydraulic.

Mitty said she moved to the neighborhood about six years ago when she and her father bought the historic home, which was built in 1887 and used as a hardhouse for 10 years. She became involved with a neighborhood nonprofit group called The Neighbors Movement, and was inspired by a desire to help improve the area.

Mette, who managed to get some Meads Corner gear when it closed, said she had always dreamed of opening her own coffee shop. I just finished taking business lessons with Create Campaign Inc. , an organization that helps urban entrepreneurs, is now ready to move toward opening the store.

Her ultimate goal is to run the café off the ground floor of her home, which is adjacent to Hamilton Prep School, but she first wants to start a temporary space in the area to see if the business is acceptable to the community. If so, moving home may occur in two to three years.

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Dapper Cat Coffee is named after Lydia Mettee’s chunky black cat, Romeo. politeness

She said Dapper Cat will serve a full range of espresso drinks, the secondary purpose of which is to organize community building events featuring local bands or artists who live in the neighborhood.

Mitty said she named the shop her “big, fat black cat,” Romeo, who has half a mustache and looks rather elegant.

Stay tuned for developments with Dapper Cat Coffee.

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