DVIDS – News – USNS Joshua Humphreys: Wins First Food Service Excellence Award

Norfolk, Virginia (June 29, 2022) USNS Joshua Humphreys (T-AO 188) Military Naval Command Fleet renewal vessel was recently honored for its Outstanding Food Service Program as the recipient of the 2021 Captain David M. Cook Award for Food Service Excellence in the Medium Buoyancy Category. This is the ship’s first win.

MSC Foodservice Community Manager, Christopher D. Jones, the award officially to the ship on June 29. Steward President John S. Robinson accepted the award on behalf of the food service team. Robinson said winning isn’t everything but it definitely beats second place. “I cannot thank the MSC Food Services Policy and Systems Management Committee enough for recognizing the high quality of food service provided on board Joshua Humphreys. My team and I are humbled and delighted to receive this prestigious accolade.”

Captain Patrick T. Christian, Mr. USNS Joshua Humphries, Winning the Distinguished Food Service award is a real win-win for both parties. “The on-board dining program allows the chefs the opportunity to showcase their unique culinary skills, while at the same time giving my civil service sailors a chance to try a heart-healthy meal.”

This award is never awarded to just one person; It is always won by team effort. Joshua Humphreys’ food service team consists of five chefs – Chief Steward John S Robinson, Chef Bernard Anton, Baker Richard Atlano, Chef 2nd Gustavo Lunaranda, Assistant Chef Tempest Phil – and two members of the Ship Supply Division – Supply Officer Vincent Montague and Assistant Logistics Leanora White.

The central part of what some might say is the crucial part of any sea vessel is the galley. Christian said the ability to provide heart-healthy meals is vital to CIVMAR’s performance and overall health. “As CIVMARs face a variety of complex challenges every day on board, it is critical that they eat healthy food – doing so helps their mood and boosts their energy levels. Most importantly, eating heart-healthy meals helps reduce stress and anxiety.”

The MSC Food Service Competition is comparable to the Navy Captain Edward F. Ney Memorial Award – an award that encourages friendly competition between units and challenges culinary teams to demonstrate outstanding daily maintenance, sanitation, safety, food service equipment and management, inventory management, food preparation, customer surveys, and accountability financial while simultaneously serving high-quality, nutritious foods that exceed customer service expectations, according to the Navy.

Joshua Humphreys’ customer surveys, completed in 2021, confirm that the food service team is committed to producing excellent meals while at the same time dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to civil service sailors serving aboard the oil fleet, said Christopher D. Jones, Food Service Policy and Systems Management at MSC.

MSC established the Foodservice Management Excellence Award in 1992 to improve the quality of MSC’s onboard food service operations and to formally recognize civilian seafarers responsible for the outstanding management of foodservice operations on board ships. In 2003, the award was renamed the Capt. David M. Cook Food Service Excellence Award, named after Capt. David M. Cook, MSC Logistics Manager from 1995 to 1998.

The award recognizes the challenge of achieving the highest standards of culinary and nutritional skill in the food served to soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and CIVMARs on board their ships. The award also recognizes the contribution that food service professionals make on board ships in maintaining high morale and fitness for the accomplishment of ship missions.

Joshua Humphreys is one of four ship winners. The other three were in the following classes: Small Float – USNS Burlington (T-EPF 12), Large Float – USNS Richard E. Bird (T-AKE 4); The Hybrid Afloat – USS Frank cable (AS 40).

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