La Alpujarra Cuisine: Dishes you must try while visiting the mountain villages south of Granada

The Alpujara region has many distinct dishes that are served to visitors in the countless bars and restaurants. Best of all, during certain hours of the day, you’ll always get a tapa if you buy eligible drinks – such as beer, wine, musto, and canned refreshments.

There are alternatives to traditional cuisine, which some people love, while others feel it is “very important” or lacks vegetarian options.

One place that is a popular selection of modern foods is Pizza & Love in Orgiva.

This is the place to enjoy artisanal pizza cooked in a wood oven, with slow fermentation Neapolitan style, and gluten-free and vegan options available.

Artisan Pizza at Pizza & Love. Photo: Joe Chipchase.

The restaurant recently introduced a special selection of “Mass Burgers”, as well as a main menu for omnivores and vegetarians/vegans alike.

For the summer season, Pizza & Love offers discounts and specials on Wednesdays, Sundays and Fridays. Also planned are cocktails that can be enjoyed in a cool setting – with love. The restaurant celebrates its ninth anniversary on July 2.

Watch out for these area favorites:

Migas – Breadcrumbs are fried and served frequently with green pepper. Orgiva has a megagas cooking contest during the annual feast.

Crumbs in Navas de Estina
oil and gas. Photo: Wikipedia.

Choto – a baby or young goat. This dish is frequently served when people gather in groups, particularly at rural retreats.

Shoto Garlic Ejido 1
A baby or a small goat. Photo by A mis 30 por Boston.

Tortilla – an omelette with potatoes and eggs. This is best when cooked fresh.

Spanish omelette
Typical Spanish tortilla. Photo: Wikipedia.

Puchero de Hinojos – A seasonal delight, a very tasty stew made with fennel and chickpeas.

640px Fennel soup
Bushero with fennel. Photo: Wikipedia.

Caswella – Taken from the term “cooking pot,” any kind of soup that contains potatoes, vegetables, and meat.

Caswella Kitchen 1
Caswella is made of potatoes, vegetables and meat. Photo: Joe Chipchase.

Papas a lo pobre – despite the unattractive name, the “poor man’s potato” – in fact – is delicious, consisting of thinly sliced ​​potatoes fried in olive oil with onions.

Potato 609661180
Potatoes for the poor. photo from flickr

Plato Alpujarreño – A dish featuring ‘papas le beaupre’ as well as ham, morcilla, ‘longaniza’, ham, bacon and fried eggs. You will feel bored after this!

Pomegranate-style crumbs 1
Pujara dish. Claudia travels photo

Cod (bacalao) – sometimes salted, sometimes it is prepared with garlic and tomato sauce.

Cod in tomato sauce
Cod with tomatoes. Photo: Wikipedia.

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