Matt El Rancho Turns 70, Department of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Reopens Ski Beaches, Huckleberry Marinas in Steel Austin, Desert Door Revealed Pollinators, and More: All the Right News to Spark Your Taste Trembling

Here’s some of what’s going on in Austin’s culinary scene, arguing over several PR issues, speeches on the digital street, and even (verified) wiretaps at IRL.

Celebrating Seven Decades of Tex-Mex at Mat El Rancho

Yes, citizen, it’s yours Food News Buffet In the first week of July.

Some restaurants – even when backed by a talented and hardworking team and big financial investments – are lucky to get to Decade Mark, did you know? also on Thursday, July 7the only one celebrated by Matt’s . El Rancho (2613 S. Lamar) 70 years (!) To serve delicious classics of Tex-Mex food to Austinians and tourists alike. cheers!

Sundae of the Month by Chef Philip Spear at the Museum of Ice Cream

The Austin Ice Cream Museum in the Domain, OTOH, is only two years old. but hm A night at the museum The series is already approaching legendary; And now they’re going this spree with the guest chef Philip Spear (for the famous Comedor Run Club, yes) for Weekend party Featuring adult games, drunken ice cream, and lots of sweet surprises. Every Friday and Saturday (7:30-10pm, July 8-30) visitors to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry can Try Chef Spear’s S’mores-inspired Sundae of the MonthEnjoy sips by Hecho Tequila Soda and Kin Euphorics, and “engage in activities designed to inspire imagination and human connection, to bring the magic of ice cream to life.”

Hello, you are Aquafiles! Ski Shores Café (2905 piers), newly remodeled for relaxation by the movers and shakers of MML Hospitality, has Officially reopened on Lake Austin. The restaurant next to the water really rocks for lunch and dinner, seven days a week, and brunch on the weekends. Note: Later this summer, Ski Shores will offer takeaway food, beer, wine and cocktails, along with chilled fill services…

Texas Soshiko adds lunch service to its Yard location in St. Elmo

We shouted at you about the chef Michael CarranzaTexas Soshiko when we published the cover story on The Yard a few weeks ago, right? Well the guy is gone now and Expand the famous still service to include lunches – Wed – Fri, 11am-2pm – which means, if you’re bad at math, more often great food at 440 E. St.

But, speaking of the same arena… It seems that the Still Austin Whiskey Co. , the distillery of super spirits in Texas (and one of our favorite hangouts), have decided to pick the new food truck resident for their yard. Yes, it’s a Huckleberry – so we couldn’t be happier. Not much but Davis Turner’s eating of Texas seafood can also be paired with upscale Austin original bourbons and gins and those excellent cocktails made by the bartenders at the joint. you know? We mean, sure, that if we lived near Dripping Springs, we’d probably be hiding in the ripening wonderland of Treaty Oak and Alice’s Restaurant half our waking hours; but we no Living this way, and so …

Ha! Pollinators from the desert door!

Desert Door Texas Sotol will be released soon pollinatorsThe third difference of the soul Their conservation series, created with mesquite, persimmon, and honeysuckle – native plants pollinated by Texas bee species. This new edition will debut at the Driftwood based distillery Launch event on Wednesday, July 6, then moved away on July 7, as Desert Door is distributed throughout Texas. Note: A portion of the retail price of 49.99 will go to the nonprofit Wild Spirit Wild Places…

And let’s see what else?

We’ve got a brief selection of Recos to dine on this Fourth of July to consider…The Chronicle‘s Evan Rodriguez We take a look at some of the restaurants that make Lockhart a destination for foodies… Texas Keeper Cider in Manchaca has a great new menu of names (featuring delicacies from Antonelli’s, Easy Tiger, and HiFi Mycology)… Ah, is it too late? ? To remind you of the Garrison Brothers’ Bourbon Brawl at fair market?

Now eat as much as you can, tip it like it’s outdated, and remember: If it’s not your womb, it’s none of your business.

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