New in food this week: Georgia James and Taste America’s Culinary Series

It’s been a busy week in the news– Most of them are rather bleak – so we’re here to remind you that there are plenty of ways to let go of your feelings in Houston this week while you get to grips with your heart’s resentment.

We’re continuing our coverage this week by diving into Georgia James’ beautiful new digs in Regent Square, by giving you all the details about the James Beard Foundation in Houston’s version of the culinary series Taste America, and by reminding you that Christopher Hatoft’s pop-up (you never want to miss) continues Her run at POST Houston this week. Read on to find out more.

Let the light cross there!

On Friday, July 1, Georgia James, famed flagship of Chris Shepherd’s iconic Underbelly Hospitality, is reborn at her new dig at Regent’s Square. The restaurant, known for its cast-iron steaks, raw bar, famous wine program, and less natural lighting than the more airy parts of Nosferatu Castle, performed its last night of service in its old space at 1658 Westheimer, a historic Gothic hotel built in the style of the 1920s. Last was a church, on Saturday 11 June.

Her new home, a sprawling 11,000-square-foot building overlooking Regent’s Square Garden and adjacent to The Sterling’s mid-rise apartment, is light, airy and less vampire-friendly than his original home.

“This is our first new construction site, which has created a variety of design benefits and functionality resulting from the space,” Shepherd, James Beard Award-winning chef and co-founder of Temple Houston Seafood and Steakhouse, said in a statement. . “We are very excited to welcome guests to a cosmopolitan, calm and airy dining room that is as much the evolution of Houston as it is ours.”

The new Georgia James features a serpentine floor plan that mimics the ripple of a nearby bayou, in a luxurious space that includes nods to Shepherd’s love of mid-century style. Georgia James’ new digs include a 7,000-square-foot first-floor dining room divided into two distinct dining areas: a western part featuring semi-private banquettes upholstered in camel-colored tweed for 106, and an eastern part featuring white tablecloths and dining chairs on Scandinavian style seats 114. The space also includes a private dining room on the Far East End with a capacity of 24 and a cocktail bar with seating for 10. , skyline views, and more, and is expected to open in late July.

The all-star team reunited at the restaurant includes Executive Chef Greg Peters, General Manager Raul Lorenzana, sommelier Fremout Rodriguez and bar manager Westin Gallimore, who will bring to the restaurant the usual cuisine of cast-iron steaks, cold-pressed seafood and a seasonal side as well as favorites. Like Viet-Cajun oysters – they’re all served on tables so flooded with light that they make Edward Cullen even brighter than the Imperial State’s crown.

Beard City

The James Beard Awards have been in the local news a lot lately, mainly due to Alba Huerta’s massive win with Julep two weeks ago. (Yes, this actually happened less than a month ago.) If you’re looking forward to a James Beard Award-worthy dining experience this week, you’re in luck, because James Beard Foundation gastronomy chain Taste America kicks off today (June 29) at 6pm at Spring Street Studios, and it will be a great opportunity for you to relieve your depression. Caused a little patriotic news by spending an entire evening eating your feelings. Today’s event, hosted by Houston First and Capital One, is the first in a series of 20 events across America to celebrate the local, independent chefs and restaurants who are the heart of their communities.

The event, called Taste Houston, will highlight the richness of Houston’s food culture, all while showcasing local chefs who align with the institution’s mission. Among the local chefs taking part in the event are Dawn Burrell in late August, Evelyn Garcia and Henry Lu of Ken HTX, Robin Ortega of Zucchi, and Kristen Ha and Tony J Nguyen of Xin Chau. Menu items include sample squid noodles in wagyu sauce. ceviche with lemon leche de tigre, chili oil, and sesame crisp; Lemon Ricotta Cake with Strawberry Consomme, Vanilla Cream, Orange Blossom and Lemon Verbena Jelly.

Event tickets can be purchased, priced from $175 (general) to $225 (first) over here.

Still exploding

We don’t usually include a food event on this list two weeks in a row, but celebrity Norwegian chef Christopher Hatoft at POST HoustonGolfstrømmen’s seafood restaurant is still happening, and word is that it’s one of the best pop-ups the city has seen in some time.

Haatuft flew in from Norway last week in order to bring the famous Bergen-based seafood restaurant Lysverket to POST Houston to take over Golfstrømmen. Haatuft, who co-founded Golfstrømmen with the James Beard Prize and top chef Winner Paul Coy, considered the godfather of “New Fiordic” cuisine, is a somewhat ambiguous debate about the new Northern North food movement focused on sustainability and hyper-local sourcing that began as a joke. He’s also quite personal: He’s been a Mohawk for most of his youth, has a penchant for heavy metal, and also has a very golden front tooth.

Prices range from $75 to $175 per person, and private dining sessions take place over eight days. And lucky for you, there are still five more days of unique dining experiences through the pop-up, which launched on Sunday, June 26. Qui and Biggie Cruz, Head Chef at Golfstrømmen, support Haatuft during its takeover, which will support including a 15-course omakase experience and $150 per person tonight (June 29) plus a family-style brunch at $75 per person per day Sunday 3 July. Resi.

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