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A day filled with fireworks here, bottles of ketchup and mustard being passed around the backyard there, and the smell of classic summer foods wafting on grills everywhere. With the Fourth of July finally approaching again, we take a look at what’s at the top of everyone’s grocery list this year.

Instacart, the same-day grocery and delivery service, has released a list of the top 10 food items people buy in preparation for Independence Day in 2022. The company found that in the week before July 4th (also known as Now), these ready-to-grill items are sold out Much higher than other groceries.

The top ten list includes garden-fresh foods, irresistible crunchy snacks, and some not-so-shocking necessities everyone buys for this year’s Fourth of July cookout. Check it out below, and then, don’t miss out on the most popular Costco items right now.

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Whether you prefer it creamed or tossed in a pasta salad, sorghum is a common food at any 4th of July table. Sales of this product increased 74% in the week prior to the fourth of July, according to Instacart data. Its unique flavor is bright and inviting, but it’s also an easy side dish that anyone can prepare in just a few minutes.

Eat an ice cream cone
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As we make our way through the summer, the heat builds up in many parts of the country. Fortunately, ice cream is the perfect dessert to unwind and celebrate the upcoming national holiday. In fact, ice cream sales are up 10% this time of year. Whether you buy it by the sink or serve it in a cone, you won’t hear many complaints when serving this dessert on the Fourth of July.

baked beans
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This basic roast had the highest sales increase in the week prior to Independence Day with a whopping 84%. The baked beans are warm, taste like Grandma’s cooking every time, and pair well with barbecue and grilled foods, so it’s no surprise that not many people can have them at this time of year.

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tortilla chips
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Chances are many people will bring some form of tortilla chips to the party on the Fourth of July. In the past week alone, sales are up 12%, according to Instacart, and they likely won’t slow down before the end of summer. You can help the crowd by bringing in a dip or sauce!

eat watermelon
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The freshest and most (probably) juiciest food item on this list? watermelon. Americans love watermelon at Independence Day gatherings so much that the fruit was sold 26% more in the past week than in the rest of the year. Make sure to pick one that is ripe before they are all gone.

Corn on the cob
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Starting off the top five most popular Fourth of July foods, according to Instacart, is sweet corn…because it’s not the fourth without making a mess when eating corn on the cob. Sweet corn sales are up 63% right now compared to the rest of the year.

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hamburger buns
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There’s nothing wrong with a protein-protein lettuce hamburger, but at least to many Americans, the bun is definitely a hit this year. Sales of hamburger buns are up 57% in the week leading up to the Fourth of July, according to Instacart. You may ask where is the meat? Maybe already on the grill.

Eat potato chips
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While tortilla chips or pretzels are good options, there isn’t much that can be beat in a simple bowl full of chips. The salty snack and finger licking are usually enjoyed all year round, however, during the week leading up to the Fourth of July, sales increased by 18%. To avoid all the salt and fat, consider making your own at home.

Hot dog burger on a hot grill
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With sales up 47%, Americans prefer sausage to be the main star of their barbecue this Independence Day. Load up on spice or eat plain gin—either way, sausages will definitely be on this year’s menu.

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sausage cake
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Finally, in 2022, hot dogs were one of the best selling foods in preparation for the Fourth of July festivities! Since hot dogs and sausage buns don’t sell in the same amount, it might not be surprising that 75% more buns were bought this week. Here are some pointers on how to perfectly cook this star-studded holiday dish this weekend.

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