Slow Food Latin American and Caribbean Network Declaration of Solidarity with the Ecuadorean People

Photo by Sofia Morales

Food is the fundamental right of peoples, and the indigenous and peasant world has created, improved and protected food heritage for thousands of years, through practices of care, solidarity and reciprocity between brothers and sisters and with nature.

That is why the Latin American Slow Food Network – present in 23 countries in Latin America and part of the international Slow Food Network dedicated to the right to good, clean and fair food – is in constant solidarity with the indigenous and peasant peoples of the world. their just and sincere demands. Today, we deplore and condemn the armed, violent and disproportionate repression of indigenous and peasant protests in Ecuador, which has already left 5 dead, 18 missing and countless injured, numbers that may increase within hours due to the announcement of the Ecuadorean president. Repression and the use of deadly weapons against protesters.

Photo by Sofia Morales

We also denounce that the Ecuadorean government did not want to listen to the basic social causes and demands of the conflict, only the demands of social discontent resulting from imposed liberal measures (general increase in cost of living, progress of extractivism, violation of collective rights of peoples, precariousness of labor and danger of privatization of public goods and services, among others other things).

We also deplore that the Ecuadorean government, headed by Guillermo Laso, has limited itself to criminalizing and suppressing demands and protests, and finally legalizing violence, thus declaring war on the indigenous and peasant movement.

It is important, at the moment of judgment, to take into account in every decision the great diversity of ideas, peoples, needs, territories and realities that our countries possess. We must stop copying one kind of economic model and consider it “unique” because we sacrifice, for the sake of money, our diversity and our valuable culture.

We demand an end to violence against indigenous peoples and peasants. do not shoot! Stop the massacre! Creating conditions for an honest dialogue that allows for a peaceful and democratic solution to the conflict. Defend the peace! There is no peace without social justice!

They endorse and unanimously endorse the Declaration of the Slow Food Communities of Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, the Caribbean, El Salvador, Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela and the Indigenous Slow Food Network of the Americas and the Caribbean.

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