South and Central Island housekeeping and home food service workers

Harry Benz Secretary of Labor.

Support service workers are an important part of the health care system in British Columbia. Years ago, dedicated people who worked hard to provide quality services and provide for their families unfairly lost their jobs due to contract flop. They had to reapply – at low wages, without previously negotiated seniority and other collective protection measures – to fill their positions. I am so grateful to see this terrible injustice now being rectified.”

Sheila Malcolmson, Minister of Mental Health and Addiction and MLA of Nanaimo –

“Thank you, Island Health for your progress on Bill 47. You were the first to bring hospital workers home in British Columbia after they were privatized by the old government, now look at you — South Island workers have been repatriated, near a solid effort To improve fairness and equity for hospital service workers.”

Murray Rankin, Minister for Indigenous Relations, Reconciliation and the MLA for Oak Bay-Gordon Head –

“I am very proud of the progress made by Island Health and our other health authorities. Together we have righted the wrongs of the past and made a solemn promise to our current and future workers and service workers: You are important to our health system, our communities, and all of us.”

Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries and MLA for Saanich South –

“Support from the community and the public has helped advance Buzz Island Health to bring workers home under Act 47 and today, this momentous occasion came. Great job, everyone.”

Grace Laure, Parliamentary Secretary for Gender Equality and MLA for Victoria Beacon Hill –

“I know other jurisdictions will be looking to BC for leadership as we enter the final stages of Bill 47, beginning with Island Health, and soon about to expire for other health authorities. We are showing others that fairness, fair pay and respect for position is important to us and our patients.”

Rob Fleming, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and MLA for Victoria Swan Lake –

“Service workers in health facilities deserve dignity and respect for their jobs, and as we finish bringing Island Health workers home, we are showing that we value and appreciate the work they do. Good day to Island Health and the South Island.”

Mitzi Dean, Minister of Childhood and Family Development and MLA for Esquimalt-Metchosin –

“Bill 47 corrects mistakes of the past that have disproportionately affected minorities and women, and today in the South Island these issues are a thing of the past. We strive forward to empower health facility workers through positions that truly value their contributions to the health system, and to improve health care sick every day.”

Leah Hollins, Chairman, Island Health –

“Welcoming food services and housekeeping staff to Island Health helps us create a stronger and more interactive healthcare team. By working as colleagues, the team can collaborate together more effectively and efficiently to address issues and improve the quality of service they provide.”

Mina Brisard, Secretary for Business Manager, Hospital Employees Union (HEU) –

“Today is a proud day for the members of HEU on Vancouver Island who have worked so hard over the years to reunite with the public healthcare team. By bringing these workers home, the county government is reversing the nearly two decades of privatization that have fragmented the system Our public health care has destroyed the working lives of thousands of health care workers, most of whom are women or workers who suffer racial discrimination.”

Rose Allen, Housekeeper, Royal Jubilee Hospital –

“After so many years, we are finally together and happy to officially become part of the Island Health team. We have been waiting for this for so long. We put our hearts and souls to do well and hope that our work will be recognized and appreciated by patients and staff.”

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