Square Pie Guys is opening a huge waterfront restaurant in San Francisco this weekend

Looking for a place to celebrate 4th of July this weekend? The folks at Square Pie Guys, one of the Bay Area’s best pizzerias, are ready to serve up their hugely popular Detroit-style pizza at a third location in the heart of Ghirardelli Square just in time for the long weekend.

The massive 3,300-square-foot space includes a large patio with several picnic tables covered with a canopy. The restaurant is open on Saturdays at 845 Beach St. It also offers a stunning view of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance. The kitchen – its largest to date – will not only serve about 76 people at a time, but will continue to grow Square Pie Guys’ ability to deliver pizzas across town.

The focus on technology is visible throughout the restaurant, from QR codes on tables to digital screens that track orders in the kitchen. Danny Stoller, who co-founded Square Pie Guys with Marc Schechter in 2019, wants to emphasize the use of technology so much that the restaurant’s neon pizza logo is flanked by a Wi-Fi factory wall.

“All the plants you’ll see when you enter our restaurant are all real, and I can water them anytime with my phone,” said Stoller.

Square Pie Guys’ new flagship site occupies a large area on Ghirardelli Square.

Courtesy Melati Citrawireja

Known for their Detroit-style pizza, the restaurant is known for its thick, airy dough with a crunchy cheddar cheese edge all baked in a skillet. The quarterly pizza menu is the same as at other Square Pie Guys locations in SoMa and Oakland, neither of which offers indoor seating.

There are plenty of options: Indulge in a classic 6-by-8-inch pie that comes with 48 pepperoni slices ($23), or try the Big Von ($23), which is made with creamy white ricotta sauce, Italian sausage, pepperoni, and spicy honey. Or you can just create your own pizza to suit your taste.

Rotating specials include the popular JLin Pizza ($24.50) inspired by former NBA basketball player Jeremy Lin, who grew up in the Bay Area. This pizza, which debuted last winter, is made with a creamy white ricotta sauce, pepperoni, chile chips, parsley, grana cheese and green goddess sauce.

The new Ghirardelli Square location offers Square Pie Guys more than 70 seats.

The new Ghirardelli Square location offers Square Pie Guys more than 70 seats.

Courtesy Melati Citrawireja

However, the menu does not focus on pizza. Customers have three salad options, including the Summer Salad ($14) which is a mix of vegetables topped with crumbs of feta cheese and topped with a lemon dressing. Chilled Bowl Salad ($13) includes a mix of giant beans and broccoli along with vegetables sprinkled with sunflower seeds for crunch and topped with a sun-dried tomato dressing.

You can also enjoy the famous wings ($14) in either Buffalo or Sichuan-inspired sauce. Sides include crunchy asparagus ($12.50), cheesy bread ($9), and French fries ($6). Beverages such as draft beer and wine are also available on tap.

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