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If you are looking for a new restaurant this weekend, Union Sushi & Steak is the place to be. If you’re not looking, go anyway. Located at 40 Bowden Square, this Southampton spot combines quintessential sushi and steakhouse cuisine into one unparalleled menu.

Whether you’re entering or leaving town, the restaurant is easy to access from Route 27. There is ample parking, so you don’t have to worry about finding enough space for your car. The size and charm of the grand property is hard to miss, and the lovely outside seating can be seen as you walk toward the door in a clear path.

Union Sushi & Steak – Ambience

As soon as you enter, the host is friendly and inviting as you are taken to your table. The white and powder blue color scheme and dimly lit chandeliers accentuate the relaxed elegance. Sheer white curtains on several windows enhance the cozy dining room atmosphere. Wood panels on the ceiling add a little rustic element to the room. Gold chairs, white tablecloths, luxurious decor, and wood accents work beautifully together.

The kind and attentive staff makes for a pleasant dining experience, and you won’t have to wait long for your next course or next round of drinks. Live music on weekends adds another layer of sophistication, and modern piano tones enhance the fun and relaxed atmosphere. Several melodies are recognizable and may tempt you to dance in your seat. To be clear, you will also feel joy when the food arrives. It is important that you appear hungry, so that you can taste all the excellent dishes that the restaurant has to offer.

strawberry feta saladCourtesy of Union Sushi & Steak

Union Sushi & Steak – Meal

The menu features entrées like Bao Buns ($21) with tangy pork that melts in your mouth and onions that add a delicious crunch. These delicate buns are a must. There are also several salads to choose from, including the Colorful Strawberry Feta Salad ($18) with arugula, fresh fruit, feta cheese, and toasted almonds.

The signature rolls are a hit at the sushi bar. The delicious Union Roll ($23) with lobster, avocado, and flavorful skirt steak is a great combination, as no one ingredient beats another. Eel sauce and yuzu mayonnaise complement the delicate steaks and make for an addictive dish. Other sushi rolls are equally attractive. Be sure to thank your server for the generous pouring of soy sauce!

There are steaks like the Angus Beef Center Cut Filet Mignon (MKT price) that amounts to one of three sauce options. The Cabernet Demi is highly recommended and is so divine you’ll want to immerse your entire steak in it.

The meat is cooked perfectly, so it can be easily chopped. There are two tempting options for improvement: Wild Mushroom Ragu ($9) and Gorgonzola Brulle Cream ($9). Gorgonzola cheese has never tasted better! If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy mushrooms, Union Sushi & Steak will make you fall in love with them with this ragu. These additions really improve the meat with new textures and flavours.

Other than the steak, there are different entrees including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Cast Iron Greens Ratatouille ($35) is bright and rainbow-like with the grainy, smooth texture of quinoa and vegetables.

There are delicious sides like the generous serving of French fries ($14). These smelly potatoes are so disguised that it’s hard not to clean the plate. There’s also corn pudding, French bean pudding, and other exceptional toppings.

Union Sushi & Steak – Dessert

Not ordering every dessert on the menu takes great strength. If you must pick one up, the Apple Tart Warm Pastry ($15) and tangy apple flavor are the standout. Soft ice cream, fresh strawberries, and blueberries top this wonderful dish.

Union Sushi & Steak Escape comes in a fun cat cup
The Escape Cocktail comes in a fun cat cupCourtesy of Union Sushi & Steak

There is an elaborate cocktail list that includes wine and beer. One piña colada-inspired drink called The Escape is served in an earthenware mug that imitates the Japanese symbol of Lucky Cat. Guests often refer to the cocktail list throughout their meals, so don’t forget to order some specials.

Union Sushi & Steak treats its guests with care and respect. The dishes are artful and creative in presentation and flavor that produce the most satisfying meal. The attention to detail combined with the precise placements of the sauce on the sushi and the garnishing of the meat show a unique form of food expression. This love for food and the allure of the dining experience is vital in the Hamptons. Union Sushi & Steak is not a restaurant you want to miss.

Check out Union Sushi & Steak and their menus at or call 631-377-3500.

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