Woman sues Officer Garland, the pub that served him alcohol over a New Year’s accident

File photo (Andy Jacobson/Staff Photographer)

by Krista M. Torralva

A pedestrian who was badly injured in a New Year’s Day accident at a farmer’s branch is suing the police officer accused of driving into it and a bar that served him alcohol.

Lawyers for Jamaica Brown, 26, said they filed a lawsuit Friday against Garland Police Officer Lewis Jerrell Ellis, 32, and Cafe 214, a restaurant and bar in Addison. The lawsuit, which did not appear in online court records on Saturday, is seeking more than $1 million in damages.

Ellis’ attorneys and representatives for Cafe 214 did not respond to requests for comment.

Ellis’ level of intoxication was more than twice the state’s legal limit for driving, according to the lawsuit, when he crashed Brown at about 2:30 a.m. Jan. 1 near the intersection of Inwood Road and Galleria Drive.

The lawsuit says Brown was on a curb when Ellis drove her car over a curb and hit her. He continued driving on grass and came to a halt when he hit the base of a large concrete lamppost.

Ellis was arrested for car-assault poisoning. Court records show that he was not charged with this charge, and the status of the case is unclear.

The Garland Police put him on administrative leave while the Farmers’ Branch police investigated.

The lawsuit alleges that Cafe 214 employees served Ellis an “unusually excessive amount of alcohol.” His poisoning should have been apparent to the servants, according to the lawsuit, and the wreck was “expected.”

“The license for Cafe 214 to serve alcohol in the state of Texas is a privilege, but with that privilege come responsibilities,” attorney Quentin Brogdon, who represents Brown, said in a written statement. “We believe the evidence will show that Cafe 214 has violated its responsibility to ensure that it is not supervising Officer Ellis to the point that he has become a danger to himself and others.”

On a GoFundMe page set up shortly after the wreck, Brown’s mother wrote that she was thrown more than 20 feet in the crash and had a number of broken bones, including her femur, ribs, and pelvis, as well as damage to her kidneys and pelvis. lungs.

According to the lawsuit, Brown’s injuries are expected to cause her to suffer for life.

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