Boulder County Farmers Markets: At the Market: Try a New Cuisine

Farmers Markets in Boulder County

We get it – we all have our favorite habits and routines. This can be especially true at the farmer’s market.

Maybe 8 a.m. every Saturday, queue up at Morton Organic Orchards for your fruit, visit Aspen Moon Farm for your vegetables, pick up eggs from Poultry Wisdom, and end your morning with a bobosa with a fried egg for breakfast.

Or maybe you’re more of an afternoon shopper. You start with a cold brew of Silver Canyon coffee and a bowl of pasta from Savory Saigon, eat your Bread of the Week from Breadworks and fill your reusable mesh bag with goodies from Monroe Organic Farm.

To be honest, these routines look amazing, and we wouldn’t ask you to change any of your tough market demands. But we encourage you to add some new stops to your routine. And when it comes to the food court, there are many delicious and varied dishes prepared by great chefs.

Read on to find out what delicious breakfast or lunch awaits you at the market. If you don’t try, you’ll never know!

Taste the flavor of South Sudan

Susan Laurieho is our newest seller on the market, starting last week at Boulder Market Wednesday. Her business, named Susan Samosas, brings pastries from South Sudan to our market. These samosas are filled with organic vegetables, various locally raised meats, and even fruits and chocolate for a dessert option.

Loriho uses her work as a way to give back. Raised in an orphanage, she uses a percentage of the profits to help orphans and childcare get an education. When it comes to her son, Loriho says samosas are the best way to get him to eat his vegetables! Visit Susan Samosas on Boulder Wednesday and try these cute triangular pockets of pretzels.

Our weekly pizza party

Lenin Ramirez has been a pizza chef for the past ten years. And when you bite into a slice of a wood-burning thin-crust pizza, you can tell. Ramirez started his own business in 2020 when he converted a disabled bus into a portable wood-fired pizza oven. Now, he also has a trailer equipped with a pizza oven so he can be in two places at once and we can get delicious pizza in Boulder and Longmont.

Try pizza with red sauce, pesto or white sauce bases, and creative combinations of local meats and vegetables. With a new breakfast pizza on his menu, Ramirez gave us all the excuses we needed to get a pizza for every meal.

vegetarian plates

In 2019, Laruen Tregoning began eating a vegan diet. The meals she started to bring brought her energy, joy, new creativity and passion into the kitchen. However, even in Boulder, Tregoning found a lack of vegan options available that were tasty, convenient, and healthy, so I set out to fill that gap.

This market season has begun, Tregoning at Longmont Saturday Market. She prepares plant-based foods, including zucchini boats filled with quinoa or chickpea salad, and energy bites from peanut butter and potato chips with a vegan vegan dip. Vegan or not, we’re sure you can grab some potato chips and dip in.

Taste of Texas

Born in Dallas and now residing in Boulder, JB Hall Sr. is the “pastor” behind Rev’s Ribs. Hall learned the art of barbecue at an early age from his uncle Cornelius Davis.

Now, Hall has grilled for more than 20 years and continues his family tradition of instilling love in every dish. Over the years, Hall has perfected his signature dry rub, barbecue sauce, and cooking process that uses real wood smoke. Visit Rev’s Ribs at our Longmont Saturday Market for a mouthwatering serving of Southern hospitality and one of the tastiest barbecues outside of Texas.

They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone. When stepping out of your comfort zone tastes good, you have nothing to fear. Visit our markets in Boulder and Longmont to try foods from other regions, vegetarian options and new twists on old classics.

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