Coffee companies raise money for reproductive rights (Update)

“Holding on to coffee” is a horrible thing for coffee, historically speaking. Cafés have for centuries been hotbeds of political debate, activism, and community organization. This trend continues today here in the United States, where—in the wake of the Supreme Court split in Roe v. Wade—reproductive rights have become the focus of a growing number of fundraisers and outreach efforts across many of the nation’s cafes, restaurants, and bakeries.

Outside the world of coffee, some of the country’s biggest companies — Proctor and Gamble, Conde Nast, Intuit, Zillow, Bank of America, Dick’s Sporting Company, Johnson and Johnson, Meta, Warner Brothers, Disney — have reversed the majority of America’s favorite companies offering abortion rights and all have issued Advertisements or make statements regarding their commitment to help their employees access health care services.

After that, the big coffee and coffee brands made similar commitments to their employees. Starbucks, for example, announced earlier this year that it would cover employee travel expenses for an abortion, and the company’s vice president, Sarah Kelly, said in an interview Friday that employees will be able to access the feature discreetly. “It doesn’t matter what you think, it doesn’t matter where you live, it’s about getting health care,” Ms Kelly said. After a Supreme Court opinion was leaked in May overturning the Supreme Court’s opinion, yogurt company and La Colombe owner, Chobani, updated its employee health care policy to cover transportation and lodging expenses for any employee or dependent (plus one caregiver) who needed to travel to receive specialized health care including abortions. The policy also includes reimbursement for childcare costs incurred from travel, according to a Chobani COO Kevin Burns memo sent to employees in May and shared with CNN.

Efforts are being made in cities large and small, red and blue states, from Café Berlin in Columbia, Missouri hosting a fundraiser for the Midwest Alliance for Reach and the MO Abortion Fund to Epoch Coffee in Austin, Texas, who have teamed up with oat milk company Oatly to donate money to the Lilith Fund Texas-based non-profit. Epoch Coffee will donate $10 of each bag of Feminist Cringe blend (a blend of Ethiopia Gesha and Castillo coffee from Hacienda El Rodeo in Colombia) and Oatly will match their donation. Coffee is available at all three Epoch Coffee locations.

Some cafes publish resources for customers and guests.

Other coffee shops allocate a portion of the proceeds from sales to fundraising efforts around the issue of reproductive rights. In Los Angeles, Go Get Em Tiger Roastery and Coffee Shop announced a $1 donation per purchase of select menu items throughout July to ARC Southeast, along with a direct donation on behalf of the company. And in Portland, Oregon, Reforma Roosters has pledged all revenue from sales of whole coffee beans to If When How.

This feature is being updated, and if your coffee company – or a company in your community – is actively raising money for reproductive rights, please contact us.

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