Bchic Bar & Grill New African Restaurant Coming to Wichita

Sam's Southern Eatery space at 6600 W. Central has been vacant since April but will be home to a new African restaurant.

Sam’s Southern Eatery space at 6600 W. Central has been vacant since April but will be home to a new African restaurant.

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Wichita has had a few restaurants specializing in African cuisine over the years, and now, it’s on the cusp of getting another one.

Beatrice Adam, a native of Cameroon and who has lived in the United States for 21 years, has taken a lease on the former Sam’s Southern Eatery space at 6600 W. Central, and she and her husband Chico plan to open a restaurant called Bchic Bar & Grill. Her nickname is a combination of the first two names.

She said the restaurant, which she hopes to open in late July or early August, will serve cuisine from all regions of Africa. Among its specialties are grilled chicken, fish and shrimp. rice dishes including coconut rice, jollof rice, and pilau rice; Breads such as puff puff, chapati (flat bread), and mandzi are like cakes.

The restaurant will also serve African salads, including sweet cabbage salads, as well as fresh juices such as mango and passion fruit. Adam said customers will be able to get spicy food or not, and the menu will be vegetarian and vegan.

Bchic Bar and Restaurant, which will serve both lunch and dinner, will also have a full bar that will continue serving until 2am.

Adam said Wichita lacks African fare, which is one of the reasons she opened a restaurant. Although she made her career in healthcare, her mother owned a restaurant in Cameroon, and her sister worked as a chef in Houston.

“For a while, there wasn’t any, and that was one of my inspirations behind doing it,” she said.

For now, Adam said, she’s focusing on beautifying and painting the interior of the restaurant, which has been vacant since Sam’s Southern Eatery left in early April. The space is famous as the old home of Marco Cantina.

Stay tuned for the opening date of Bchic Bar & Grill.

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