Budapest immerses diners on a journey through Hong Kong

Brings a taste of Hong Kong to Budapest socially

Padana is a conceptual Asian fusion Resturant And the ribbon Located in a secret garden in the heart of Budapest, Hungary. The design of the restaurant, developed by Socially Budapest, is inspired by a journey through Hong Kong, where visitors’ senses are played to transport them to the Far East and immerse them in an enjoyable dining experience. Maintaining a love for East Asia, Padhana recalls fond memories and longing for traveling in the diverse region. Every detail inside the restaurant, from the exotic plants and graphic posters nested on the walls, to the neon lights and custom-designed fixtures, is reminiscent of travelers’ encounters in Hong Kong, to create a delight for the senses.

all photography Mark Weisley

An imaginary traveler symbolizing Joe Pedhana

The concept of the restaurant is grounded in the goal of creating a space that offers an experiential glimpse into travel and life in Hong Kong, allowing all who enter to leave their daily lives behind and immerse themselves in the world of Padana. During the reflection phase, Budapest socially dreamed of an imaginative muse – a daring young traveler – who symbolized Padana. The adventurous and spirited woman who sets out to explore the Far East, discovers exotic fragrances, eclectic signage, landscapes and landscapes. Her journey takes her to explore dark alleys, crowded streets lit by flashing neon signs, and villages far from the bustle of the city. It experiments with charming street food stalls and develops a lasting taste of Asian gastronomy. The Hungarian design agency The diverse experiences take the traveler from her journey through Hong Kong, to the inner city of Budapest, where the atmosphere of Padhana and Asian fusion cuisine create an enjoyable experience that conquers all senses.

This Asian-fusion restaurant in Budapest immerses diners on a journey through Hong Kong
Socially, Budapest has preserved most of the original features of the building

Reading the walls is like a travel diary

Recalling their travel experiences in Hong Kong and East Asia, Budapest socialises Badana’s vibrant interior to resemble a travel diary, which features Hungarian street artist graphics. Attila Stark that adorn the walls of the restaurant. Dimly lit spaces bathed in neon, posters carelessly stacked on top of each other on the walls, and scattered green exotic plants create a colorful backdrop for enjoying the kitchen and cool refreshments, honoring the memory of a never-ending journey through Asia.

Originally constructed in 1886, the space has recently been structurally redesigned by a former architect, providing the designers with a good basis for developing the padhana for their vision. For the interior design of the restaurant, the design team sought to preserve as much of the original features of the space as possible, while making it their own. With a heavy emphasis on smaller details, the team designed additional custom elements, including the bar, lamps, and shelves.

This Asian-fusion restaurant in Budapest immerses diners on a journey through Hong Kong
The lights and shelving units are designed by Socially Budapest

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