Cool with vampire penguin and more food news

Vampire penguin (115 Hickory St., 706-449-7140): Venturing into The Mark—the massive student apartment complex that’s next to but not part of downtown—when neither you’re a resident nor a UGA student can be intimidating. Where do you stand? How to walk? Am I even allowed to be in this isolated world?

Having said that, the first place that really deserves a trip into concrete canyons for my money is vampire penguina shaved ice franchise from Sacramento with locations freely located across the United States if you remember SunO, a small chain I left a long time ago downtown, with the same fondness as I do, this is your place. Both make the same type of shaved ice, in which the base is flavored before it’s frozen, often combined with some type of milk product, and then shaved at high speed into a fluffy heap that looks much more like snow than it does into a small cone. Instead of getting a bunch of ice chips dipped in a sticky, artificially flavored syrup that makes you thirsty, feel refreshed with Vampire Penguin.

This does not mean that children will not like it. The Vampire Penguin is geared more toward American tastes than SunO, with toppings like Fruity Pebbles, brownie bites, and Sour Xploderz. The base ranges from chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry to green tea, coffee, and coconut, with lots of fruit flavors mixed in. If you build your own dessert, you can choose two snowmen and two toppings, or you can choose to save your decision – mind making for something else and choosing one of the pre-selected combinations. Among the latter are things like Cotton Candy (cotton candy snow, watermelon snow, fruity pebbles, whipped cream, cherries), Twix (chocolate snow, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce) and Mexican Melon (watermelon snow, mango boba popping) , Taijin, real watermelon and chamois). The latter was by far my favorite, geared to a taste that cared more than straight sugar, plus my kids didn’t want to eat it. Prefer your snow melt? The shop also offers “potions” that include whipped cream, sprinkles, boba, etc. It’s too sweet for me, but you can drink the sugar instead of eating it (or just let it melt in your mouth).

The atmosphere is pleasant and surprising given the origins of the company. Parking for up to two hours is validated by scanning a QR code. There is no outside seating, but you can get your food. Prices range from $4.99 to $8.99, depending on the size of the serving you want (small is just fine) and the amount of stuff you want. Vampire Penguin is open noon to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

cookie crumbs (196 Alpine Road, 706-389-5894): This concession, on the other hand, recently opened in the former Menchie space in Beechwood, is not my cup of tea. Known for the sheer size of their cookies, the fact that some flavors change weekly and they’re Mormon-like (no coffee flavors, closed Sundays), Crumbl has cute brands and employees who shout, “Welcome to Crumbl!” With moving enthusiasm as you enter the door. If you do not want the positivity to interfere, you can order cookies for delivery. At about $4, they’re more tea cookies in size and texture than a proper crunchy cookie. I understand people who like moist, chewy cake, but it’s so thick and soft that it often feels like nibbling on a packet of sugar cookie dough. Maybe that’s your thing! I don’t mind a bite of cookie dough here and there, but I really don’t like eating a fist-sized portion. An anonymous friend of mine reported that after I enjoyed some cannabis and got really excited to check out this new cookie place, they were also disappointed, which may be more of a swipe at him than I think.

Classic milk chocolate chips are always on the menu and are the best choice. The fragility of its external shape results in some areas that contain some fragility. On the other hand, if there’s a peanut butter cup cookie on the menu, be prepared for a dose of hot, moist peanut butter. Some cookies are served warm and some are refrigerated, and the quality control is impressive, but the cookies themselves can be somewhat indistinguishable in terms of flavour, especially if they have a sugar cookie base. Crumbl cream, or ice cream mixed with cookie crumbs and other ingredients and sold by half a pint, is somewhat better, with a higher percentage of butter.

If you’re primarily looking for aesthetics, you’ll be happy: exquisitely decorated cookies, gorgeous pastel pink boxes, and elegant social media. There is a covered outdoor seating area and no indoor seating. The store is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday and through midnight on Friday and Saturday.

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