Dallas Cowboys’ black coffee tweet backfires after shooting

The day after a mass shooting at the Fourth of July parade in a Chicago suburb, the Dallas Cowboys were criticized on Twitter for a promotion that featured year-long products from a pistol-themed coffee company.

The Cowboys on Tuesday tweeted a promotion that included tickets to one of the team’s home games as well as a one-year subscription to Black Rifle Coffee. The reaction to the giveaway reflects a cultural divide over firearms that has intensified after a spate of mass shootings.

#CowboysPlease welcome America’s Coffee to Team America,” the Dallas Cowboys said in a tweet, which declared they were “celebrating America’s birthday all week” with promotions.

A gunman on Monday killed seven people and wounded more than 30 others after he opened fire on a 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois. The shooting came a month after the Ovaldi school massacre, in which 19 students and teachers were killed. There have been more than 300 mass shootings in the United States this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive, an independent, nonprofit research organization.

The Dallas Cowboys nicknamed “Team America” ​​recently got into controversy over a promotion with a pistol-themed coffee company. Above, a detailed view of Cowboy helmets lined up in the field during training camp at River Ridge Complex on August 3, 2021, in Oxnard, California.
Jane Kamen Oncia / Getty Images

The Black Rifle Coffee Company describes itself as “a veteran coffee company that delivers premium coffee to people who love America.” Founded in 2014 by Salt Lake City-based Green Beret Evan Hafer, the company says it seeks to support “veterans, active duty military, first responders and the American way of life.”

While some Twitter users reacted enthusiastically to the promotion, others criticized it as deafening and divisive.

“Do they have White Massacre flavor?” Twitter user Arlington Cowboys He said in a tweet Reply to upgrade.

Twitter user @eatenbyfireants said on “Mass Shooting Morning Blend” Tweet.

Twitter user DLGFTW added: “It tastes awful but we all accept it in the end.”

Twitter user kabirakhtar responded with a photo of products from Black Rifle Coffee, such as “Coffee or Die Roast”, “Silencer Smooth Roast”, “AK-47 Espresso Blend” and “Freedom Roast Coffee”.

“(Only) 18 hours after the multiple mass shootings on Independence Day, and just weeks after a group of kids were shot dead at a school in your state, are you involved in this?” @kabirakhtar tweeted.

“Wasn’t this the official coffee for January 6th as well?” Twitter user @Dhagg42 said in tweet.

“Wonderful! I’ll have the dark lead head roast, the explosive skull medium roast, and the horrifying crowd working for their light roast life (such a subtle flavor on that). I love rooting cowboy!” Twitter user elliotsemi said at Tweet.

The Black Rifle Coffee Company is profiled by New York times Last year as an “anti-hipster” coffee company embraced culture wars as it competed to become the “Starbucks of the Right”.

The company previously partnered with other companies, including Bass Pro Shops, as well as the Washington Commanders professional soccer team to set up sponsorship packages for military service members deployed overseas. Recently, the Black Rifle Coffee Company partnered with Amazon’s Prime Video to showcase their products in the series station list.

black gun said NEWSWEEK In a statement, he said the announcement of the partnership between “Team America” ​​and “Coffee America” ​​had been long-planned to coincide with “America’s Birthday.”

“BRCC is proud to partner with a team of Dallas Cowboys who are deeply committed to our mission of supporting veterans, first responders, and the men and women of America in uniform,” the company said.

As the backlash against the cowboys spread on the internet, Haver, the company’s CEO, also weighed in on Twitter.

He said, “Hey hey! I love this partnership.” Tweet.

NEWSWEEK I’ve reached out to Dallas Cowboys and Black Rifle Coffee for comment.

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