Ethically sourced coffee takes a new place in the Drip

Ethically sourced, specialty-quality coffee is available at Dripping Springs – now, at a new location.

EDG Coffee celebrated its new trailer location in front of Dripping Springs Middle School with a ribbon-cutting party on Thursday, June 30. The event was co-sponsored by the Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce and witnessed Chamber members, community members, friends and family in attendance.

Brett and Audrey Hancock started EDG to help improve the lives of poor people in developing countries through sustainable business. To empower these people and their communities, they purchased a coffee plantation in Nicaragua and named it Esperanza De Gloria, which means Hope for Glory.

“Some coffee companies are trying to solve corruption through direct trade, to cut off the middleman that exploits farmers, but we are bypassing direct trade by actually owning the farm. That way, we can pay 48% above the national minimum wage, and give them three meals a day,” Brett said. providing day care for children and a place to live.”

EDG’s new website gives those who live in and visit Dripping Springs easy access to thoughtfully and transparently sourced coffee.

“We know how hard it can be to find specially grade, ethically sourced coffee,” EDG’s Jasmine Hancock said. “The reality is that most coffee companies pick up on this process after the beans have already reached the United States. This lack of accountability often results in poor treatment and lower wages for farmers.”

“Child labour, poor working conditions, and exploitation are just a few of the ways corruption enters the coffee industry,” she added. “Cutting the ribbon is a celebration of new beginnings in support of farmers and poor people everywhere. EDG Coffee not only wants to raise awareness of our new location, but also wants to raise public awareness that the coffee you buy can make a difference in farmers’ lives.”

EDG grows coffee that not only improves the lives of the poor, but ranks in the top three percent of the world, according to third-party experts.

EDG hours are Monday through Saturday 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 2001 W US Highway 290 in Dripping Springs. For more information, visit or follow EDG at @edgcoffee on Instagram.

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