LOOKOUT PM: A New Restaurant Supply Store, The Story of Socksmith, and the Legend of Chalkboard Shaping

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Not sure if it was me alone, but it felt like there were a lot fewer fireworks explosions than I used to. However, given the severity of the fire season nowadays, it probably isn’t a bad thing.

Anyway, let’s jump right in…

Giant Leap for Cabrillo Wine Program, Restaurant Supply and Apricot Abundance Increase

Lily Bailey about food: Some notable changes to the Cabrillo wine program and a new restaurant store coming to town highlights Lily’s newsletter. See everything here.

Eating Digest: Great Seafood, Venus Beachside Opens and Can Berg Rise Again?

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Why does skateboard craftsman Ward Covey do everything by hand? It’s the only way he knows

Foam cut in Ward Coffey Formation Bay.

(Kevin Binchod/Santa Cruz Observatory)

Soul Shaper: There are no automated politics to play in Westside Santa Cruz Formation Bay, one of the last of its kind in this surf-crazy town or, in fact, any other like it around the world. As technological advances — or turbulence — have defined the modern surfboard-shaping experience, Ward Coffey’s work manages to keep it cheery and humble old school. Mark has the story.

‘WE LOVE YOU, BUCKY’: Surf Community mourns the iconic board-former who was swallowed up by addiction at age 41

An Empire Based on Goofy Socks: Socksmith’s Epic Santa Cruz

Aptos resident Kelly Spellman at Blossom's Farmstore & Coffeeshop.

(Kevin Binchod/Santa Cruz Observatory)

local empire: “Sock shop? How long do you think they will be in business? That was the salute that Eric and Elaine Gill received when they opened in downtown Santa Cruz in 1988, but with their company, Socksmith, now an industrial giant, the sock has gone the other way. Wallace shares the story.

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Jill Bellerin and his daughter Emily regret the post-Raw world they share

Sexual assault victim points to photos of Catholic priests accused of sexual misconduct

(Kevin Binchod/Santa Cruz Observatory)

A mother and daughter moment: Jill Bellerin, who is running for the 28th California General Assembly, had an abortion when she was 26. Her daughter Emily told her story before Emily left for college. It was hard for the Santa Cruz County clerk to make herself vulnerable. But her openness changed their relationship and made Emily more willing to talk to Jill about her sexual assault a few years later. In an opinion piece from Community Voices, they talk about the mother-daughter bond, their anger over Roe’s end and the fight that awaits them to secure abortion rights for women. Read their article here.

Check out our new opinions section, Community Voices.

More mass shootings, more gun laws coming to California

Students from Miguel Contreras High School of Education in Los Angeles demonstrate in front of City Hall

Big issues: What’s more American than a mass shooting? That was the question the Sacramento Bee editorial board was asking in the wake of the series of 4th of July shootings in California and across the country. More CalMatters here.

There was no shortage of smiling faces at ‘The World’s Shortest Show’ at Aptos


(Kevin Binchod/Santa Cruz Observatory)

Small but great local tradition: Our star photographer Kevin Binchod was on the scene at The World’s Shortest Show in Aptos and captured the sights and sounds of the Fourth of July celebration. Watch it all here.

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